Electronic Punching

Electronic punching is a fast, reliable replacement to the traditional pin punching on paper punch cards. Because the electronic punching tracks the sequence and timing for reaching control points, the scoring is more accurate, provides "split times" between control points, and provides immediate scoring results.

We use the SPORTIdent (SI) system for electronic scoring. Each orienteer runs with an SI card (aka e-stick aka finger stick) worn on one finger. The SI card (available for rent) is an electronic storage device, which records information (time and station number) from every control point that you visit.

When you reach a control point, you will see the usual orange-and-white control marker, but there will also be an SI station. To get credit for reaching that control station, simply insert the tip of the SI card into the SI station, until it beeps. This indicates that the station information and time stamp has been transferred to your SI card.

After you finish your course, you will go to a download station. The attendant will assist you in downloading the information from your SI card onto the computer. The computer software has been programmed to know the proper sequence of controls (for a classic course) or the point value (score-o), so your timing results are available immediately.