Fort Tuthill

Sunday, September 17, 2017

2-Hour Score-O
Classic Bike-O
5-Hour Adventure Race

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[image:O flag] Pre-Register (deadline September 13 at 11:59 PM)


We're excited to once again partner with the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course to offer a number of orienteering events in the Flagstaff area. On Sunday, September 17, we're hosting three events at the Fort Tuthill County Park. Fort Tuthill is located next to Coconino National Forest south of Flagstaff and is an excellent place to escape the late summer heat in Phoenix. Please note that we're also offering a beginner's clinic and shorter events on Saturday too. Click here for information about Saturday's events.

Our primary orienteering event on Sunday is a 2-hour Score-O. The event will take participants in and out of the hills and washes in the Fort Tuthill Park. The vegetation is mostly open pine forest with some areas of thicker brush. Don't worry, our maps highlight areas where there's a higher concentration of vegetation. Participants have up to two hours to visit as many "destinations" as they can.

For those who would rather tour the area on a mountain bike, we're including an interesting Bike-O course that takes participants through more of the area. The Bike-O will have some minor biking challenges but does not include anything overly technical. The navigation for the Bike-O is easier than that for the Score-O. Destinations on the map are located within 100 meters of existing trails. Participants have as much time as they need, up to the 1:00 PM cutoff time, to visit each destination in order.

Finally, for those looking for a higher level of adventure, we're offering a longer Adventure Race that includes navigation by both mountain bike and on foot. During the adventure race, individuals and teams start together in a mass start at 8:00 AM. The race begins with a trek section with fairly easy navigation. Next, teams complete the Bike-O. Finally, participants use the remaining time to find as many of the Score-O destinations as they can.

We hope you'll consider joining us for an excellent opportunity to escape the summer heat.

Parental Consent Now Required (Click here for more information)
All participants under age 18 are now required to have a signed parental consent form on file with the club. You can complete the form before the event and either scan it and send it to us by e-mail or bring it with you to the event.


In order to promote pre-registration for our events, the Club has implemented a new pricing structure. Participants who pre-register for the event will benefit from our priority pricing. While on-site registration is still available, pricing for on-site registration is more expensive. In addition, we'll print some extra maps for each of our events, but we cannot guarantee a map for those who do not pre-register.

Pre-Registration is open until Wednesday, September 13 at 11:59 PM. After the pre-registration closes, you can still try your luck and register on-site. We will have pre-printed maps for everyone who pre-registers. We cannot guarantee a map for those who register on-site.

Click [image:O flag] here to pre-register.

What to Bring:

The list below is the minimum recommended for participation in the Score-O. The Adventure Race has a special list of gear needed to complete the race. For more details, see the writeups for the Score-O, Adventure Race, and Bike-O events.
  • Whistle (Mandatory for all. Available for purchase for $1)
  • Compass (Mandatory for all. Available for rent for $1)
  • Water. There will be water at the start/finish . We will also have one or two water stations on the course. However, you are strongly encouraged to bring your own water bottles or a camelback.
  • Sun screen. There is little or no shade on the course.
  • Sturdy hiking shoes and long pants are recommended. You may encounter cactus, cat claw, and loose terrain, especially on the Score-O.

2-Hour Score-O

In a Score-O format participants try to locate as many controls marked on their map as possible within the given time limit. The time limit for our Fort Tuthill event is 2 hours. Individuals of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. For beginners, we'll be sure to set plenty of easier-to-find controls close to the start/finish location. We want to give you an experience that helps improve your navigation skills. For our experienced orienteers, we'll find ways to challenge your navigation skills with more difficult destinations. Controls are worth different points based on distance from the start/finish location and the difficulty of the navigation.

(Click here for general information concerning the Score-O event.)

You may start anytime after the course opens at 9:00 am until 11:00 am. Everyone, competitors and recreational participants alike, must be off the course and checked into the timer's table by 1:00 PM. The penalty for arriving after the 2-hour limit (or after 1:00 PM) is 10 points per minute.

Schedule: 2-Hour Score-O

8:30 Score-O Registration Begins
9:00 AM Score-O Course Opens
11:00 AM Last time to start the Score-O course.
1:00 PM Course closes.
1:30 PM Participants Marked as "DNF" for Arrival After This Time

Classic Bike-O

For our mountain biking friends, we're offering a Classic point-to-point Bike-O course. The course will take participants through the cool pine forest in the Fort Tuthill area. To make things a little more interesting, we'll include some single-track and double-track routes into the surrounding hills. Don't worry, the course won't include anything too technical. Participants are allowed to take whatever time they need to complete the course up to the time the course closes (1:00 PM).

Click here for general information concerning the club's Bike-O events.

Schedule: Bike-O

8:30 AM Bike-O Registration Starts
9:00 AM Course Opens
11:00 AM Last time to start the course.
1:00 PM Course closes.
1:30 PM Participants Marked as "DNF" for Arrival After This Time

5-Hour Adventure Race

For those of you who need a little more excitement, Saturday's events will include a 5-hour adventure race. During the adventure race, participants start the day by using a UTM tool to plot a number of points on a map then visiting the plotted points on foot. The Trek section of the race should take 40 minutes to one hour to complete.

Next, participants plot points on a second map then travel to the points by bike. During the bike portion of the race, the controls are not located directly on roads or trails but are instead found on prominent features within 200 meters of the bikeable path. The bike section of the race will take stronger riders less than two hours to complete. We may throw a twist or two into the bike section of the adventure race to make things interesting.

Finally, participants will try to visit as many controls as possible on the same map used for the Score-O. For this section of the adventure race, the scoring is not the same as for the Score-O. For the Score-O section of the adventure race, each control is worth 1 point. Participants should simply try to visit as many controls as possible before the 1:00 PM deadline.

Please remember that we will apply a 1-point penalty for each 5-minutes you arrive after the 1:00 PM deadline. If you arrive up to 1:04:59 PM, we'll deduct one point. Arriving up to 1:09:59 PM will reduce your score by two-points, and so on. We will mark you as DNF if you arrive after 1:30 PM.

Click here for general information concerning the club's Adventure Race events.

Schedule: Adventure Race

7:00 AM Transition Area Opens, Registration Begins
7:45 AM Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting
8:00 AM Mass Start
1:00 PM Race finishes. (Penalties apply for arriving after 1:00.)
1:30 PM Participants Marked as "DNF" for Arrival After This Time


Follow this link for directions to the Fort Tuthill Event Site.