Fort Tuthill (Flagstaff)
Beginner's Training, Sprints, Night-O

Saturday, September 15, 2018

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Time Event(s)
8:30 AM Check-in/Registration for morning events
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Free Beginner's Clinic and Practice Course
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Sprint Courses (3) (Sprints Description)
Mini-Motala (Motala Description)
6:30 PM Check-in/Registration for Night-O
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Night-O (Night-O Description)


Please join us Saturday morning, September 15 for some navigation fun in the cool pine forest around Fort Tuthill Park. Fort Tuthill is a Coconino County Park located several miles south of Flagstaff. Starting at 9:00 AM, we'll conduct a beginner's training near the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course office. At the same time, we'll open three sprint courses starting from the same site. If you're looking for a bigger challenge, you can try all three sprints by signing up for the Motala.

Saturday night we'll offer a 2-hour Night-O. During the Night-O, participants have up to two hours to search for as many destination markers as possible. Navigating at night is a special talent that can take time to master. We'll place the Night-O destination markers in more obvious locations on the map, but the darkness will definitely make things a challenge.

We're very excited to team up with management at the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course for these event. We also thank Coconino County Parks for graciously allowing us to hold our orienteering training in their park.

We hope you'll take this excellent opportunity to practice your orienteering skills.


NOTE 1: Maps for the beginner's clinic, sprints, and Night-O are limited. In order to ensure yourself a map, we strongly suggest you preregister for the event(s) you would like to do.

Click here to pre-register.

Please note that once you have pre-registered, there is no obligation for you to show up. It's easier for us to print an appropriate amount of training materials and sprint maps based on a list of individuals who plan to attend. We cannot, however, guarantee that we'll have materials for you if you don't pre-register.

Start Location

NOTE 2: All of Saturday's events start near the office of the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course.
Click here for directions.

Parental Consent:

Parental Consent Now Required (Click here for more information)
All participants under age 18 are now required to have a signed parental consent form on file with the club. You can complete the form before the event and either scan it and send it to us by e-mail or bring it with you to the event.


The beginner's clinic and practice course are free.

Standard club fees apply to the sprints, Motala, and Night-O. Click here to open a page with more information about our club fees or see the fee schedule at the bottom of this webpage.


Beginner's Clinic, Sprints, Motala
08:30 AM Check-in/Registration
Includes registration for the beginner's training, practice on a beginner's course, and sprint courses
09:00 AM Beginner's Training Begins
Sprint Courses Open
12:00 PM Last Time to Start a Sprint Course
1:00 PM Sprint Courses Close
06:00 PM Check-in/Registration for the Night-O
06:45 PM Pre-Race Briefing, Distribute Maps
7:00 PM Night-O begins, mass start
9:00 PM Night-O course closes


Beginning Orienteering Training

Note: The beginner's training and practice course are free!

The Beginner's Training is a hands-on course teaching basic concepts used for land navigation and the sport of orienteering. Participants learn techniques to navigate using only a map and compass (No GPS!) and practice the techniques on a practice course near the Flagstaff Extreme office.

The training is open to participants of all ages and at all levels of skill and fitness. Our goal is to teach some of the basic navigation concepts that you can then use to participate in future orienteering events. If you're looking for a fun new and different way to enjoy the outdoors, please consider signing up for our class.

Course Content

Students walk up to two kilometers while learning and practicing land navigation techniques used for orienteering. The field training covers compass use, interpreting topographical maps, and several methods of getting from point to point using only a map and compass.

We will provide participants with a) a topographical map of the class area, b) course materials, and c) over an hour of orienteering instruction. We know you will be so excited about what you learn that you will join us for one of our many orienteering events. (See Event Schedule)

Sprint Events

We're excited to present three shorter Sprint courses on Saturday. The Sprints are easy to intermediate difficulty, often relying on strong “handrails” (e.g. roads, trails, and streams) to make navigation easier. Each Sprint is less than 3 km long.

The Sprints are classic courses where participants visit the control points in the order shown on the map. All points must be visited to receive a valid score time. The last time to start any of the sprint courses is 12:00 PM. All competitors must be back and checked in by 1 PM. Any arrivals back after 1:10 PM will be scored as a “Did Not Finish.”

For those of you who need a little more excitement, we're offering a Mini-Motala. A Motala is an event that strings two or more individual events together to make a longer endurance event. Participants in the Motala will run all three sprint courses. We will not only record times for each individual event but we'll also record a combined time for all three events.


The Night-O is intended to provide a less intimidating transition from day orienteering to night orienteering. The Night-O course is just like a Score-O with one main difference - the course occurs at night. Participants have two hours to visit as many destinations as possible. The course is designed so that all destination markers are located close to Thumb Butte road, providing an easy path back to the start if needed. The navigational difficulty is mostly Yellow (easy in the day; intermediate at night.)

We will have a pre-race briefing at 6:45 PM. We'll hand out maps at the briefing, giving you a short amount of time to plan your route. All participants start together (mass start) at 7:00 PM. All competitors must be back and checked in by 9:00 PM. Time penalties apply to those who arrive after 9:00 PM. Any arrivals back after 9:15 will be scored as a “Did Not Finish.”


Whistle Participants at orienteering events are required to carry a whistle. Since orienteering involves navigating off-trail, participants can sometimes travel to areas that are rarely visited by other users of the area. The whistle is a safety precaution which allows orienteering participants to signal their presence to others in case of an emergency.
Compass It's best if bring their own compass. This will allow them to learn techniques during the training, then practice the techniques further at home. Suggested compass models include the Silva Explorer Pro, the Silva Ranger 360, the Suunto A-10, or any model that has a flat baseplate. For the beginner's training, we will provide compasses to those who are not able to bring their own. For other events, we rent compasses for $1.
Sun screen. The training and sprints will continue past 10:00 AM. Even though we are starting fairly early in the morning, we suggest you apply sunscreen to avoid burning. For the Night-O, you are welcome to conclude for yourself whether or not you need sunscreen.
Water There will be water at the start/finish . You could be on a course for up to 2 hours. We recommend you bring your own water bottles or a camelback.
Sturdy hiking shoes and
Long pants
All events involve hiking off trail, sometimes in areas with thick brush. We recommend you wear sturdy shoes and long pants.


[image:O flag] Directions to Fort Tuthill County Park.