Lowell Observatory Score-O

Saturday, August 15, 2020: Lowell Observatory
2-Hour Score-O

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Saturday, August 15, 2020
Sat, Aug 15
8:30 AM -
12:00 PM
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Lowell Observatory


With summer in full swing in Phoenix, we're excited to offer a day of navigation fun at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. On Saturday, August 15, we're offering a 2-hour Score-O on the Lowell Observatory grounds. The Lowell Observatory is home to a number of buildings and telescopes that are part of a National Historic Landmark. It was here that Pluto was discovered in 1930. The site continues today as an education facility that welcomes over 80,000 visitors per year. In addition to its scientific value, the site is also home to an open pine forest located within walking distance from downtown Flagstaff.

With the current virus restrictions, this year is especially difficult for everyone. We are required to take special precautions to ensure our participants' safety (see below). We hope you'll consider joining us for a small diversion in the cool temperatures of the forest near Flagstaff.

Note 1: While we fully expect our event at Lowell Observatory will proceed as normal, we have to consider the possibility that Covid-19 restrictions could change. Please consider pre-registering for the event. We'll send you an e-mail to let you know of any changes to the event.

Note 2: In recent weeks, the Lowell Observatory has been closed to visitors. If the observatory is closed on Saturday, August 15, we'll have special signage to direct participants to the parking area on Lowell property.


To make this event as safe as reasonably possible in the current COVID-19 environment, we are taking the following measures:

  • All individuals (or family units) will maintain a six-foot separation at all times.
  • Team sizes are limited to 6 people or less.
  • Controls markers are "non-contact"; that is, no manual punching. You will need a reliable pen to mark your score card at each control point. See below for details.
  • The registration/pay station is largely self-serve. We highly recommend bringing exact change to minimize the exchange of money.
  • We'll have a Timer on-hand to issue maps and record timing.
  • A hand-washing station is provided on a table adjacent to the registration table. Please wash hands before and after registering/signing waivers/paying/picking up score cards and clue sheets. Please also bring your own hand towel for that purpose.
  • No water is available on the courses. We also will NOT provide our usual complementary snacks and drinks at the Start/Finish area. Bring your own snacks and water for a full day of orienteering. We also will not provide a port-a-potty.
  • There is no beginnersí clinic.
  • We will†NOT†use the punches on the controls. Instead, you will need to bring 2 reliable pens (primary and a spare) to mark down the code shown on the marker. The controls will have a single letter attached to the marker--ignore the two-letter code printed on the orange-and-white plastic card. Mark this single letter in the box on the score card that corresponds to that control point. Having the correct letters marked down on the score card is our evidence that you visited all of the control points on the course. A sharp point marker pen is probably best, although a broad tip marker pen will work as well. Pencil tips break, and ball point pens are less reliable.


In order to promote pre-registration for our events, the Club has implemented a new pricing structure. Participants who pre-register for the event will benefit from our priority pricing. While on-site registration is still available, pricing for on-site registration is more expensive. In addition, we'll print some extra maps for each of our events, but we cannot guarantee a map for those who do not pre-register.

Pre-Registration is open until Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 11:59 PM. After the pre-registration closes, you can still try your luck and register on-site. We will have pre-printed maps for everyone who pre-registers. We cannot guarantee a map for those who register on-site.

Click [image:O flag] here to pre-register.

Parental Consent:

Parental Consent Now Required (Click here for more information)

All participants under age 18 are now required to have a signed parental consent form on file with the club. You can complete the form before the event and either scan it and send it to us by e-mail or bring it with you to the event.


Standard club fees apply to the 2-Hour Score-O. Click here to open a page with more information about our club fees. The fee schedule is also repeated at the bottom of this webpage.


Saturday, Aug 15, 2020
2-Hour Score-O
08:30 AM Check-in/Registration begins
09:00 AM 2-hour course opens
10:00 AM Last time to start the Score-O.
12:00 PM Score-O Course Closes. All participants must finish the course at this time.



Details of our Score-O events are found here.

What to Bring:

The list below is the minimum recommended equipment for the Score-O.

  • Whistle (Mandatory for all. Available for purchase for $1)
  • Compass (Mandatory for all. Available for rent for $1)
  • Water. Water is NOT available at the start/finish . We also DO NOT have water stations on the course. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own water bottles or a camelback.
  • Sun screen. While there is shade on all the courses, we encourage you to protect yourself from sunburn.
  • Sturdy hiking shoes and long pants are recommended. You may encounter some thick brush and loose terrain.


There are numerous choices for motels in the Flagstaff area. For those of you who are feeling a little more adventurous, there are campgrounds and dispersed camping in the Coconino National Forest surrounding Flagstaff.


[image:O flag] Directions to the Lowell Observatory event site.
[image:O flag] Lowell Observatory Safety Plan