GPHXO Outreach
General Event Description

(This page provides a general description of the Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club's Outreach events. The information here is general and may or may not apply to any specific event. Please see the individual event webpage for details of the specific event.)

The Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club periodically reaches out to the general public to increase awareness of things we do for orienteering. These outreach opportunites advertise our events and attempt to generate interest in an exciting outdoor activity. We hope that exposing more people to orienteering will increase attendance at our events.

Our outreach can include a number of different types of events:

  • Outdoor Exhibitions (example: AZ Game and Fish Outdoor Expo)
  • Group Training (example: Training at Boy Scout/Girl Scout meetings)
  • Private Training (example: Company Team-Building exercises)
  • etc.