Saguaro Lake

Near the Beeline Highway/Bush Highway Junction

The Saguaro Lake event site is located just south of the intersection of the Beeline Highway (AZ 87) and the Bush Highway. The site includes a wide variety of desert landscapes to explore including wide stream beds, rolling hills, and several canyons. The desert vegetation varies from sparse and open with little to impede your progress to thick and dense cactus and brush. We've had the pleasure to host many years of orienteering events here. We know you'll enjoy visiting the area more on your own.


There are two routes to get to the Saguaro Lake event site: the Beeline Highway (AZ 87) and the Bush Highway. The Beeline Hwy is 4 lanes and more direct but is not very scenic. The Bush Hwy is 2 lanes and winding with incredible scenery once you get past north Mesa.


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Directions to the Saguaro Lake Event Site