The meet director’s responsibilities fall into two categories, those that the director is responsible for, and those that the director needs to ensure get accomplished. The first list is short. Mostly, the director delegates responsibility. Of course, the director could always delegate all responsibilities if he/she chooses and can get volunteers. But ultimately, the director is responsible for ensuring that ALL of the items listed below get completed to ensure a successful event.


Director’s responsibility


1)    Contact USOF if the event is to be sanctioned (B-meet) preferably at least two months in advance.

2)    People retrieval – after the event, make sure EVERYONE is accounted for before leaving.

3)    Write a final summary including meet results and a list of volunteers for the web and newsletter. Make sure the results get to the webmaster soon after the event (next day if possible).


Delegated responsibility


1)    Deciding what type of event, number of courses if classic, etc (usually done by setter).

2)    Course design and mapping (setter).

3)    Taping (usually setter).

4)    Vetting.

5)    Bag hanging.

6)    Creation of the control card design.

7)    Punching the master control cards.

8)    Bring at least one copy of the permit to the location.

9)    Buying water and dixie cups and running them out to water stations the morning of.

10)Equipment tear down and haul.

11)Beginners clinic.


13)Timer's table.

14)Printing maps and control cards – The print person needs finished map and contol card files 5 days prior.

15)Bag retrieval. Maps need to be made for this, vetting, and bag hanging (same map?) by the designer!!


Required for a new area or very old



16)Field checking.

17)Base map creation.