Registration Table Directions






    Club sign

    Price list

    Club flyers

    List of available courses

    Registration forms



    Money for change

    Whistles for sale

    Compasses for rent



    Setup table, chairs, and canopy.

    Check for all supplies.

    Know the location of the setter's notes and timer's table.

    For each orienteer:

-       Ask the orienteer to complete a registration form.  Make sure the form is complete and legible.  The vehicle license plate number is mandatory so we know if someone leaves without checking out at the timer's table.

-       Offer to sell a whistle for $1.  All orienteers must have a whistle.

-       Offer to rent a compass for $1.

-       Collect money and record the payment on the registration form.

-       Advertise the free beginner's clinic.

-       Encourage everyone to volunteer.  We always need help with packing equipment at the end of the meet, picking up controls, and manning the registration and timer's tables.  Offer a $1 discount off today's registration fee for orienteers that agree to volunteer at today's event.  Keep a log of volunteers.

-       Give the orienteer the registration form.  Direct him or her to bring the form to the timer's table to begin.