GPHXO Motala
General Event Description

(This page provides a general description of the Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club's Motala events. The information here is general and may or may not apply to any specific event. Please see the individual event webpage for details of your specific event.)

The Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club offers a variety of orienteering courses throughout the year, including Night-O courses, Score-O courses, Classic courses, etc. During our Classic events, we offer one or more point-to-point courses where participants must travel from the start to point 1, then to point 2, etc. in a given order.

For some of our Classic events, we will also offer a Motala. The Motala (named for a town in Sweden) is an event where participants try to complete ALL of the classic courses offered for the day. For example, if a Classic event offers a Red, Orange, and Yellow course, participants in the Motala would try to complete ALL of the courses. The Motala turns shorter classic events into a longer endurance challenge.

Participants in the Motala may or may not be able to complete all the courses before the courses close. We'll do our best to rank participants based first on the number of courses they complete, then on the number of controls they visit.

The cost for the Motala is typically higher than the cost for doing a single course. The costs are outlined in the Cost section for each event.