Bartlett Lake
Rattlesnake Cove

East of Carefree, AZ

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If you've never been to Bartlett Lake, you've missed out on one of the most scenic sites in the Phoenix area. Tucked into the foothills of the Mazatzal Mountains, Bartlett Lake is a wonderful recreation area in the middle of the dry desert. If you get a chance to join us for an event, be sure to bring your camera. There are plenty of incredible views around the lake.


Bartlett Lake is located in the Tonto National Forest east of Carefree, AZ.

To get to the event site:

From the Intersection of Pima Road and East Cave Creek Road:
  • Travel east on East Cave Creek Road for 4.2 miles to the junction with Bartlett Dam Road.
  • Turn right onto Bartlett Dam Road. Continue east on Bartlett Dam road for ~13 miles to the turnoff for North Lake Road (FS Road 459, turnoff for "Rattlesnake"). Turn left onto North Lake Road.
  • Continue on North Lake Road for 0.5 miles to the turnoff for East Lower Rattlesnake Road. Turn right on East Lower Rattlesnake Road.
  • Continue 0.25 miles on East Lower Rattlesnake Road to the event site.
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Map to the Rattlesnake Cove Event Site from Carefree, AZ
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