High Desert Park
19001 Jacie Lane
Black Canyon City, AZ

(30 minutes north of Phoenix on I-17)

High Desert Park is a nice multi-use park located in the shadow of the Bradshaw and New River Mountains in Black Canyon City, AZ. In addition to a baseball field, tennis court, picnic ramadas, and a community center, the park also boasts nearly 5 km of maintained hiking trails in a moderately rugged terrain. The park is also an excellent gateway to the Black Canyon Trail, a trail which extends over 80 miles through the rugged canyons surrounding the Agua Fria River and Black Canyon Creek. The High Desert Park is a nice destination to practice your navigation skills.


High Desert Park is located in Black Canyon City just north of the Rock Springs Cafe (I-17 exit 242).

To get to High Desert Park:


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From I-17 and Loop 101
Directions from I-17 and Loop 101 in Phoenix to I-17 Exit 242

Info around exit 242
Map around I-17 Exit 242