Northern Arizona University
Skydome Parking Lot (P66)
Flagstaff, AZ

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Northern Arizona University is a Division I university located in Flagstaff, Arizona. With it's location at the base of Humphrey's Peak, NAU is the second highest Division I school in the U.S. (after the campus at the University of Wyoming). Orienteering participants coming from lower elevations will likely feel the affects of running at ~7000 feet, but they'll also benefit from the cooler temperatures and beautiful mountain vistas. We hope you'll consider joining us for some navigation fun on the NAU campus.


The NAU campus is fairly expansive. The club uses several start/finish locations for orienteering events. The details below indicate the start/finish location and additional information.


Please note that there are parking fees for most parking lots on the NAU campus. Some lots are unavailable for visitor parking. During summer months, three lots on campus are free for visitor parking, including the parking lot south of the Walkup Skydome (P66).

Walkup Skydome Parking Lot (P66)

The Walkup Skydome parking lot is located to the south of the Skydome. To promote visitors to the campus, parking is free in the lot from mid-June through mid-August.

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Google Maps Custom Instructions

  • Click here to automatically open a browser window to a Google Maps webpage with a marker at the Skydome Parking Lot (P66).
    (Destination Lat/Lon = 35.180414, -111.651497)
  • Parking is located in the P66 parking area just southeast of the Walkup Skydome. Look for the orange and white orienteering signs at the northeast corner of the parking lot.

Traditional Directions

    Upon entering Flagstaff from the south:
  • Immediately take exit 341 to enter the NAU campus.
  • Turn right (east) on McConnell Drive and continue 0.5 miles to the T intersection at McConnell Drive and San Francisco Street.
  • Turn right (south) on San Francisco Street and continue 0.2 miles to the entrance of the parking lot to the west.
  • Turn right (west) into the parking lot, then north to the northeast corner of the lot. Look for orange and white orienteering signs near the large lumberjack statue.


Click on a map below to open an equivalent Google map or Open Street Map in a separate window.

Directions to the Walkup Skydome (P66) Parking Lot