Thumb Butte Results September 24, 2005




Male Female

Max Suter 1420 Peg Davis 560

David Graser 1000 Matleena Ojapolo 330

Ron Birks 950 Dianne Haselfeld 200

Ludwig Hill 930

Erik Ringnes 880 Recreational

Marten Bostrom 740 SAR TEKS

Eric Wight 350 Doug McCulley

Rick Fisher

Team Pat Abbott

Red Energy 960 Smiths2

Weak on Recon 860 Jack London

Team Finn 600

Sierra Adventure 490

Glynns 90


White Recreational


Jen McCulley

Mike Barzee

Jim Saylor


Night-O Green
(NOTE: The results of the Night-O were affected by the misplaced control #8 - sorry Max!)


Male Team

Ludwig Hill 1:55:45 Adventure Racing Concepts 2:24:00

Ron Birks 1:55:50 Graser DNF

Max Suter DNF

Sierra Adventure DNF

Richard Dewey DNF

Walt Smith DNF


Night-O Yellow

Pat Abbott 1:38:35

Eric Wight DNF