Coon Bluff Results – November 12, 2005

By Richard Dewey


Yet another excellent event at Coon Bluff this year! We had excellent weather, if a little warm for this time of year, with not a cloud in the sky which made for excellent visibility. In spite of the area being a little more confined than many others, our setter, Forest Brown, designed an excellent course that proved to be quite challenging with the winning time (from Ludwig Hill) at 1:32. Not bad! All told, there were 37 participants (three new members) some of which did both the White course and the Score-O.


Volunteers for this event included: Forest Brown – setter, control hanging, timer, control pickup; Peter Neubaurer – vetter, registration, timer, control pickup; Joshua Dewey – vetter; Richard Dewey (me) – Meet director, vetter, equipment, beginners clinic; Bob Kuhn – equipment, registration; Rodney Phelps – equipment; Jason Wiss – equipment; Pat Abbott – map printing, equipment; Tim Murray – timer; and Ludwig Hill, Laura Wasylenki, and Doug McCulley also helped with contol pickup. Great Work folks!


Our three new members from this event; Rodney Phelps, Jason Wiss, and Laura Wasylenki. Yes, that’s right, all three volunteered to help their first time at an event!!


Score-O results:


Ludwig Hill 750 (1:32)

Max Suter 750 (1:40)

Erik Ringes 750 (1:41)

Jim Fleck 690

Matt Hanly 620

Thomas Fleck 370

Bill Fleck 320



Doug McCulley 320

Dan Hink 280



Laura Wasylenki 330



Peg Davis 540

Pat Abbott 290



UFAF 260



Arlid Orsleie

Clark family


Charles Schreiber

David Erhart

Team Eilert



Steve Ungetheim

Sandi Ungetheim

Team Fall


If only we knew

David Erhart

Charles Schreiber