Results: January 7, 2007
Lake Pleasant

Red Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK
  Ron Birks                1:03:39  1M
  Arlid Orsleie            1:30:48  2M
  Dave and Windy           1:37:58  1T
  Glenn Haselfeld          1:42:11  3M
  Mike Zampino             1:50:51  4M
  Forest Brown             2:11:15  5M
  Pat Abott                2:12:15  1F
  Team Slow                2:22:06  2T
  Tom Fleck                2:25:30  3T
  Ronnie HendrickS         DNF      --

Orange Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK
  Ron Birks                0:57:41  1M
  Mike Zampino             1:00:20  2M
  Dave and Windy           1:07:20  1T
  Peter Neubauer           1:20:30  3M
  Jennifer Kerr            1:39:38  1F
  Erik and Austin Ringnes  1:50:36  2T
  Laura Wasylenki          2:37:00  2F
  Just Kiddin              DNF      --
  Dianne Haselfeld         Recreational
  Are We Lost Yet          Recreational

Yellow Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK
  Richard Fawcett          0:59:17  1M
  Al and Terri Wiencek     Recreational
  MJ Limited               Recreational
  Outpost 104              Recreational
  Outpost 104A             Recreational	

White Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK
  Hans Clugston            Recreational
  Doug McCulley            Recreational