Results: December 9, 2007
First Water

The First Water event was a bit cool and wet again this year but the crowd that showed up had a great time. In fact, the ground was not as muddy as expected but was actually spongy soft and fun to run on. We had some great competitors out there. On the men's side, Ludwig Hill pulled away from the rest of the field to post a time 20 minutes faster than the next fastest male competitor. The womens competition was tight, with Cristina Luis pushing to victory by less than one minute over Windy Marks. Congratulations to you all! And as always, many thanks to the volunteers without which events like this would not be possible.

Event Volunteers:

Course Setter: Mike Franklin
Meet Director: Richard Dewey
Bag Hangers: Mike Franklin, Tim Tablada
Equipment: Glenn Haselfeld, Richard Dewey
Setup/Tear-down: Glenn Haselfeld, Richard Dewey, Luther Belk, Lee Craven
Registration Table: Glenn Haselfeld, Laura Wasylenki, Mike Franklin
Timing Table: Luther Belk, Tim Tablada
Beginners Clinic: Richard Dewey
Control Retrieval: Ron Birks, Laura Wasylenki, Luther Belk, Tim Tablada, Glenn Haselfeld, Lee Craven
Tabulating Results: Ron Birks

Red Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME       RANK
  Ludwig Hill              1:14:37    1M
  Cristina Luis            1:24:10    1F
  Windy Marks              1:25:00    2F
  Max Suter                1:34:06    2M
  Ron Birks                1:38:09    3M
  Erik Ringnes             1:44:47    4M
  Glen Haselfeld           1:52:23    5M
  Lunatic Fringe           2:28:43    1T
  David Marks              Lost Card  --
  Arild Orscele            OVT        --

Orange Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME       RANK
  Ray Tucker               DNF        --
  Tatiana Fedyk            OVT        --
  Ron Birks                1:00:58    *
  Ludwig Hill              1:01:02    *
  Max Suter                1:04:27    *

  * Competitors unranked due to having already
    completed another course for the day.

Yellow Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME       RANK
  Laura Wasylenski         1:22:34    1T
  Lee Craven               Mispunched --

White Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK
  No competitors