Results: January 6, 2008
Lake Pleasant

Despite the threat of an imminent winter storm with predictions of rain, we had a fairly good turnout at Lake Pleasant on January 6. As it turns out, there was no rain, and the cloud cover made for very comfortable running conditions--so if you awoke early on Sunday morning and decided to blow off the orienteering, you really missed out! Erik Ringnes did an excellent job on setting the White, Orange, and Red courses, which tend to be challenging in the rolling terrain of Lake Pleasant. Many thanks to our volunteers for helping with setup and retrieval. If you're feeling guilty about missing out, we'll be back at Lake Pleasant in March for a Night-O...

Event Volunteers:

Course Setter: Erik Ringnes
Meet Director: Glenn Haselfeld
Bag Hangers: Erik Ringnes, Glenn Haselfeld
Equipment: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Erik Ringnes, Glenn Haselfeld, Laura Wasylenki, Ludwig Hill, Ron Birks
Registration Table: Glenn Haselfeld, Laura Wasylenki
Timing Table: Erik Ringnes, Laura Wasylenki
Beginners Clinic: Glenn Haselfeld
Control Retrieval: Forest Brown, Erik Ringnes, Glenn Haselfeld, Ludwig Hill, Ron Birks
Tabulating Results: Erik Ringnes

Red Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME       RANK
  Ron Birks                1:23:18    1M
  Kayak Lake Mead          1:28:43    1T
  Ludwig Hill              1:29:31    2M
  Windy Marks              1:36:57    1F
  Forest Brown             1:44:20    3M
  Rick Eastman             1:46:35    4M
  Kachina                  ---        DNF   
  Dave Marks               Rec        ---

Orange Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME       RANK
  Peter Neubauer           1:42:09    1M
  Laura Wasylenski         2:28:40    1F
  Game Over                3:13:50    1T
  Ludwig Hill              0:53:25    *
  Ron Birks                1:00:40    *
  Kayak Lake Mead          1:28:25    *
  SJS                      ---        DNF
  Jayson Rickel            ---        DNF
  Jodi Rickel              Rec        ---
  Chuck Phillips           Rec        ---

  * Competitors unranked due to having already
    completed another course for the day.

White Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK
  Jayson Rickel            0:23:44    1M
  John Rickel              0:33:35    1T
  Jaxon Rickel             0:35:15    2M
  Code et Al               Rec        ---
  Doug McCulley            Rec        ---