Results: March 9, 2008
Saguaro Lake Score-O, White

Wild flowers, wild horses, and wonderful weather made today's meet at Saguaro Lake a great success. Plenty of the regulars and many new folks came out to enjoy a great day in the desert. The course was originally created by Peter Neubauer in 2004 and proved quite challenging for even the best of the competitors. No one got all of the controls but a couple came close. Thanks to all of the folks who helped out, especially the Tucson crew who hung around to collect bags despite the long drive home ahead of them. We really appreciate your help.

Event Volunteers:
Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.
Course Setter: Peter Neubauer, Forest Brown
Meet Director: Forest Brown
Bag Hangers: Forest Brown, Matt Hanly
Water station setup: Forest Brown
Equipment hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Glenn Haselfeld, Ron Birks, Gary Hickey
Registration Table: Forest Brown, Ron Birks, Glenn Haselfeld
Timing Table: Forest Brown, Glenn Haselfeld
Beginners Clinic: Forest Brown
Control Retrieval: Forest Brown, Glenn Haselfeld, Ron Birks, Ludwig Hill, Jeff Brucker, Leif Lundquist
Tabulating Results: Forest Brown, Ludwig Hill


  930 Possible Points
  * Score includes a -10 point penalty for each part of a minute over 2:00:00

  COMPETITOR               POINTS   TIME       RANK
  Ron Birks                830      1:58:44    1M
  Jeff Brucker             700      1:58:13    2M
  Leif Lundquist           640      1:53:08    3M
  Glenn Haselfeld          620      1:56:00    4M
  Windy Marks              530      1:58:18    1F
  Ludwig Hill              500      1:58:50    5M
  Arild Orscele            470      2:02:12    6M *
  David Marks              470      2:06:19    7M *
  Gary Hickey              450      1:57:26    8M
  Y and I (2)              390      2:00:27    1T *
  Jayson Rickel            380      1:48:57    9M
  Game Over (2)            340      2:04:36    2T *
  Team Think Blue (2)      290      2:01:19    3T *
  Tim Stefek               220      2:24:13    10M *
  Tisha and Dusty (2)      130      2:19:25    4T *
  Rockstars (4)            Rec      -------    ----
  Doug McCulley            Rec      -------    ----
  Team Louise (5)          Rec      -------    ----
  Tim and Hunter England   Rec      -------    ----
  BLDK (2)                 Rec      -------    ----
  Claudia Rickel           Rec      -------    ----

White Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK
  John Rickel              26:08      1M
  Jodi Rickel              36:40      1F
  Jonathan Rickel          Rec        ---
  Carla Brandt             Rec        ---