Results: October 12, 2008
Coon Bluff Score-O, White

What a great day for our first event of the season! After months of summer heat, we finally had a mild day. The high temperature for the day was in the low 80's. We couldn't have asked for a better start to our orienteering season. Thanks everyone for coming out and making the day a success.

Coon Bluff has been the site of many interesting Score-O events. Today was no exception. Forest set a course that was challenging, but not so challenging that a few of the participants couldn't get all controls. Ludwig Hill from our sister club in Tucson once again showed his deceiving speed and led the pack by clearing all controls in under 1:40. The Tucson club was well represented for the day with all members clearing the course under the time limit. We even threw Jeff Brucker a curve ball by giving him a master control map rather than the Score-O map. Jeff proceeded to go out and clear not only all of the Score-O controls but also many of the White course controls too. Good Job Jeff! On the female side, Laura Wasylenki went out and grabbed over half the controls in under the time limit. The elevation gain at Coon Bluff is extensive, so getting half the controls is a great achievement.

The day also brought out a lot of teams, including many of our friends from the adventure racing circuit. In addition to a number of Phoenix teams, we also had a team from Sedona and two from Prescott. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Our reward for setting the courses is seeing you all come out and have a good time.

We also need to recognize first-time orienteers Ron Pedersen and his son Ron. They had a lot of fun figuring out how this orienteering thing works. The future of our sport lies in getting new people to participate in our events. We hope to see the Pedersens and their friends out there again soon.

Stay tuned for our next event coming November 9 at Lake Pleasant. It should be another great orienteering day in Phoenix.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setter: Forest Brown
Meet Director: Ron Birks
Bag Hangers: Forest Brown, Mark Sharp, Luther Belk, Derrick Beracy
Water Station Setup: Forest Brown
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Luther Belk, Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks
Registration Table: Luther Belk, Derrick Beracy
Timing Table: Luther Belk, Laura Wasylenki, Forest Brown
Beginners Clinic: Forest Brown
Control Retrieval: Forest Brown, Ron Birks, Ludwig Hill, Max Suter, Jeff Brucker, Laura Wasylenki
Tabulating Results: Forest Brown, Luther Belk, Ron Birks

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  Total Points Possible: 750
  COMPETITOR                   POINTS   TIME       RANK  Points  Team Members                                . 
  Ludwig Hill                  750      1:38:07    1M    10     
  Ron Birks                    750      1:41:40    2M     9
  Max Suter                    750      1:56:13    3M     8
  Jeff Brucker                 750      1:56:41    4M#    7
  Tommy Kelly                  670      1:56:22    5M     6
  Derrick Beracy               590      2:01:03    6M*    5
  Paul McDonald                580      1:57:08    7M     4
  Team Stefek/Cooper (2)       570      1:54:12    1T            Tim Stefek, Gene Cooper     
  Kim's Team (2)               510      1:55:13    2T            Kim Robison, Rick Eastman
  Under the Wire (3)           500      1:56:56    3T            Eric Mace, Brett Florida, Kristen Peers
  Laura Wasylenki              390      1:56:38    1F    10
  Tim England                  370      2:02:25    9M*    3
  Go Adventure Recreation (2)  300      1:59:23    4T            Dave Sewell, Tracie Sewell 
  Kathy Eissinger              280      1:47:08    2F     9
  Team Mounsey (2)             150      1:21:18    5T            Jonea Mounsey, Brock Mounsey
  Desert Rats                   90      1:58:41    6T            Ron J. Pedersen, Ron B. Pedersen
  Gary Thomas                  ---      DNF (injury)

* Includes 10 points deducted for each full minute over
  the 2hr time limit.

# Honorable Mention: Jeff Brucker was accidentally provided with a map 
  marked with all Score-O and White course controls.  His performance
  for the day may likely have been better had he been provided with
  the proper map.

White Course
  COMPETITOR                   TIME     RANK  Team Members                                 .
  Paul McDonald                0:38:25  1M    
  Flagstaff                    0:50:12  1T    Kathy Eissinger, Steve Dodd
  Carla Brandt                 Rec      ---