Results: December 14, 2008
Saguaro Lake Score-O

We had a great turnout for the Saguaro Lake Score-O. There was a threat of rain, but the weather held out and provided nice, cool temperatures for the 4-hour event. A total of 47 people came out to find controls on the nearly 20 km course. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Once again, our friends from Tucson had a good showing during the race. Ludwig Hill had the best score of the day, obtaining a total of 1330 out of 1510 points (35 out of the total 42 controls). Jeff Brucker followed closely behind with 1040 points, even after spending an undue amount of time on our magical hidden control #62. (More on that later.) There were also a number of teams and individuals that scored over 700 points on a course that was intentionally set to be long and hard with a number of controls requiring a substantial amount of climb. On the women's side, Windy Marks and Brigid O'Neil obtained 720 points for the 16 controls that they reached. They even pounded their way to the mombo control located near a sub-peak of Stewart Mountain. Great job!

We had a number of beginners or near beginners who first attended the beginner's clinic, then proceeded to use their new knowledge to try their luck on the course. These included Tina Stefek and Kim Hines (Team Fire) who reached 14 controls in under 4 hours. Are they sure they've never done orienteering before? They'd have continued into the night to find controls if we hadn't put a time limit on them. Steven Hollar as well as Team Slow & Steady Wins the Race (Terry, Mary, and Taylor Hancock) and the boy scouts from Troop 244 also went out and grabbed a bunch of controls. Even Kathi Douglas, who is generally more interested in pretty flowers and bouncing bunnies, was able to stay focused for over an hour and grab herself 4 controls. Once again, great job to everyone who participated!

There are two controls I want to single out for special recognition. Control #91 was placed near the top of one of the sub-peaks of Stewart Mountain. Before the event, I warned everyone that the control was difficult to get to, with thick brush, large boulders, and a substantial climb blocking the way (from 1720 up to 2492 feet, a climb of 772 feet). I didn't think anyone would go up to get the control. However, I was wrong. Jeff Brucker, Bob Badgett, Derrick Beracy, Phil Milan, Chuck Phillips, Forest Brown, Matt Hanly, Windy Marks, and Brigid O'Neil all grunted their way up to the control and were rewarded with magnificient 360 degree views. I commend all of you on your effort.

The other control that warrants mention is #62. This control was placed in an area of the map filled with many parallel reentrants, thick brush, and few attack points. Although one of the course setter's notes recommended that orienteers find a single attack point and carefully follow a bearing and pace count to the control, that didn't make it any easier to find. In hindsight, the placement of this control was not the best, and a number of people wasted valuable time looking for it. I apologize for the frustration this control might have caused. We'll certainly learn from this experience and do better setting the controls in the future. The following people were able to find the control and were rewarded with 60 points: Mike Wilke, Windy Marks, Brigid O'Neil, Forest Brown, Matt Hanly, Bob Badgett, Ludwig Hill, Ron Hendricks, and Carol Cusack.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in this event. We spend a great deal of time planning and setting the orienteering courses. Our reward is to see all of you out having a good time participating in the events. We'll see you again at our next meet.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setter: Ron Birks
Meet Director: Forest Brown
Bag Hangers: Ron Birks, Dianne Haselfeld, Tim England, Carla Brandt, David Erhart
Water Station Setup: Ron Birks
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Ron Birks, Kathi Douglas, Karthik Venkatesan
Registration Table: Kathi Douglas, Karthik Venkatesan, Ron Birks
Timing Table: Kathi Douglas, Karthik Venkatesan, Ron Birks
Beginners Clinic: Ron Birks
Control Retrieval: Forest Brown, Gary Hickey, Deb Allen, Martin Travizo, Karthik Venkatesan, Derrick Beracy, Tim Stefek, Tina Stefek, Kim Hines
Tabulating Results: Kathi Douglas, Karthik Venkatesan, Ron Birks

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                M - Male
                F - Female
               TM - Male Team
               TF - Female Team
               TX - Mixed Team

Saguaro Lake Score-O
December 14, 2008
Total Points Possible: 1510  
TotalNumber of Controls: 42  
Total Participants: 47  
Competitor Total
Points *
Number of
Time Category Rank Grand Prix
Team Members
1 Ludwig Hill 1330 0 35 3:58:07 M 1 10  
2 Jeff Brucker 1040 0 27 3:57:00 M 2 9  
3 Hanly-Brown 960 0 21 3:55:40 TM 1   Forest Brown, Matt Hanly
4 Luke Tanner 840 0 22 3:48:40 M 3 8  
5 Lunatic Fringe 820 0 19 3:50:45 TM 2   Phil Milan, Chuck Phillips
6 Bob Badgett 780 0 18 3:57:12 M 4 7  
7 Erik Ringnes 770 0 27 3:06:30 M 5 6  
8 Cold 720 0 16 3:57:16 TF 1   Windy Marks, Brigid O'Neil
9 Mike Wilke 670 100 20 4:10:24 M 6 5  
10 Caron 640 0 16 3:3:57:16 TX 1   Ron Hendricks, Carol Cusack
11 Mike Zampino 570 0 16 3:58:58 M 7 4  
12 Team Fire 460 0 14 3:45:00 # TF 2   Tina Stefek, Kim Hines
13 Derrick Beracy 450 140 17 4:14:50 M 8 3  
14 Gary Hickey 430 0 11 3:50:50 M 9 2  
15 Rick Eastman 380 0 18 3:00:00 M 10 1  
16 Deb Lusk 380 0 18 3:00:00 F 1 10  
17 Karthik Venkatesan 240 0 12 2:59:00 M 11 0  
18 L Squared 230 0 14 2:03:00 TF 3   Loretta Coffman, Lisa Spear
19 Diet Coke 230 0 12 2:10:00 TX 2   Laura Waylenki, Aaron Motta
20 Clark Family 210 0 12 2:04:30 TX 3   Shaun Clark, Syra Clark, Rizon Clark
21 Jesse Delgado 200 0 11 2:45:00 M 12 0  
22 Steven Hollar 200 0 8 3:15:20 # M 13 0  
23 Troop 244 180 0 8 2:25:00 TM 3   Steve Coletti,Garret Coletti,Cody McCrea,Gary McCrea,
Ryan Bereman, Charles Cync, Matt Rofsel
24 Tim Stefek 160 0 5 0:44:00 M 14 0  
25 Team Dam 160 160 10 4:16:16 TX 4   Debra Allen, Martin Trevizo
26 Lee Craven 130 0 10 1:52:00 M 15 0  
27 Slow & Steady Wins the Race 110 0 8 2:24:40 TX 5   Terry Hancock, Mary Hancock, Taylor Hancock
28 Sharon J. Fairchild 110 0 11 3:13:00 F 2 9  
29 Kathi Douglas 60 0 4 1:01:20 F 3 8  

* Ten points were deducted for each full minute over the cutoff time of 1:00 PM. The penalty points are already included in the POINTS column.

# Honorable Mention: Although these participants came in after the 1:00 PM cutoff, they finished in less than 4 hours. The rule for the 1:00 cutoff time was not clearly communicated to participants that started after 9:00, so no penalty has been applied to these participant's score.