Results: February 8, 2009
Bomboy Mine Score-O

The weather today certainly wasn't very cooperative. The temperatures were not too cold, but we experienced periods of light to heavy rainfall. Most competitors actually thought the conditions weren't too bad. What animals! For those of us observing the event from the shelter of a nice rain tent, we couldn't understand why people would want to be out in this kind of weather. At least the wind wasn't too much of a factor.

Once again, we had a great turnout from our friends from Tucson. Two carloads with a total of 6 participants made the 2-hour drive in the rain. In addition, we had a number of individuals and groups from the Phoenix area who braved the weather to participate in the event. As you all know, it takes a great deal of time for us to prepare and host orienteering events. We really appreciate the efforts you all make to come out and participate.

The Score-O course had a total of 37 controls covering a straight-line distance of 16.49 km with 500 meters of climb. With only 2 hours to find as many controls as possible, there were enough controls to ensure that route choice played a big part in the standings. Ludwig Hill and Jeff Brucker both went out and collected 19 of the 37 total controls. Ludwig ended up in the lead by finding a few more of the higher point controls. Cristina Luis finished close behind the leaders by finding 17 controls, even after tumbling down a small cliff into one of the many dry streambeds on the course. We're happy to report that Cristina only has a few scrapes and scratches to show for her encounter. Max Suter, Derrick Beracy, and Leif Lundquist also found 15 or more controls. Great job everyone!

In addition to the race winners, there were a number of other individuals and teams who also tried their hand at orienteering in the rain. We purposely set a lot of controls nearer to the start line in order to give everyone a chance to practice their skills. Gee Gee Larington, who also came up from Tucson, and Lisa Spear both found 7 controls including a couple of higher point controls. Even first time solo orienteer Carla Brandt was able to go out and find most of the 10 point controls. Finally, the Hancock family on team "Slow and Steady Wins the Race" was able to find 1 control before the rain made it too difficult for their young son Taylor to help out with the navigation. Thanks again to all of you for coming out. I hope the course was interesting and that you'll join us for our future events.

We would like to give special thanks to Gary Hickey for helping hang bags on Saturday. The course design was quite a bit larger than a normal 2-hour Score-O. With the number of controls that were available on the course, we probably could have made it into a 4-hour Score-O. In any event, Gary helped extensively with the bag hanging and saved the course setter from having to hang all the bags himself.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setter: Ron Birks
Meet Director: Ron Birks
Bag Hangers: Ron Birks, Gary Hickey
Water Station Setup: Ron Birks
Equipment Hauling: Ron Birks, Glenn Haselfeld
Setup/Tear-down: Glenn Haselfeld, Debbie Allen, Kathi Douglas, Ron Birks
Registration Table: Kathi Douglas, Debbie Allen, Glenn Haselfeld
Timing Table: Ron Birks
Beginners Clinic: Ron Birks
Control Retrieval: Ludwig Hill, Max Suter, Leif Lundquist, Jeff Brucker, Debbie Allen, Glenn Haselfeld, Ron Birks
Tabulating Results: Ron Birks

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                M - Male
                F - Female
               TM - Male Team
               TF - Female Team
               TX - Mixed Team

Bomboy Mine Score-O
February 8, 2009
Total Points Possible: 1010  
Total Number of Controls: 37  
Straight-Line Distance: 16.49 km  
Climb: 497 meters  
Total Participants: 23  
Competitor Total
Points *
Number of
Time Category Rank Grand Prix
Team Members
1 Ludwig Hill 660 40 19 2:03:48 M 1 10  
2 Jeff Brucker 580 0 19 1:57:38 M 2 9  
3 Cristina Luis 550 20 17 2:01:13 F 1 10  
4 Max Suter 540 0 18 1:55:51 M 3 8  
5 Derrick Beracy 540 80 17 2:07:04 M 4 7  
6 Leif Lundquist 530 70 15 2:03:48 M 5 6  
7 Glenn Haselfeld 410 20 11 2:01:15 M 6 5  
8 Tim England 260 60 11 2:05:12 M 7 4  
9 Bev Bros 220 0 9 1:54:50 TM 1   Adam Hargett, Brian Oderkirk, Justin Oderkirk,
Ryan Hemphill, Dave Divine
10 S&S&N 180 0 7 1:59:48 TF      
11 Gee Gee Larington 120 0 7 1:59:43 F 2 9  
12 Lisa Spear 110 0 7 1:55:51 F 3 8  
13 Carla Brandt 90 0 9 1:49:11 F 4 7  
14 Debra Allen 80 0 6 1:56:10 F 5 6  
15 Slow and Steady Wins the Race 10 0 1 0:46:10 TX     Terry Hancock, Mary Hancock, Taylor Hancock

* Ten points were deducted for each full minute over the 2-hour time limit. The penalty points are already included in the POINTS column.