Results: November 08, 2009
Lake Pleasant

If you missed Lake Pleasant this year, put it on your calendar for next year. The second Sunday in November is typically very nice, and no exception this year. Sunny and high in the 80s. In addition to the locals, a few folks came up from Tucson. With the I-17 widening up to Carefree highway nearly finished, the trip to the Northwest Valley should be smooth as can be next time you go. Just donít get distracted by the rising balloons in the morning.

The competition on the Red course was fierce as always. Ron Birks squeezed out a narrow victory, with Ludwig Hill a close second. Cristina Luis of Tucson wasted some valuable time early on the course and could not beat the guys despite the expectations. Perhaps the recreational shooting in the area got her focusing on not being a target rather than the course? Seriously, there unfortunately are some areas that the course designer has decided to avoid for next year just to make sure there are no conflicts. There is plenty of virgin terrain available. The target practice is concentrated at the end of the blacktop.

The Orange course was a bit simpler and shorter than Red, but provided perhaps too much of a step up from White. Ludwig Hill made sure he got his victory with a super fast run. Some runners decided to take a short cut skipping a few controls. So for next year, weíll make the Orange shorter. Letís just make it Yellow.

The White course started off easy, but had a challenge at the end. The last control was on top a hill, but with the staging area in view. Comments were positive as this provided a little extra bushwhacking for beginners. The Rockstars got the fastest time and may be ready for Orange at the next event which is Dec 13 at Saguaro Lake.

Besides controls, Austin Ringnes also ran into a few baby javelinas. Fortunately he wasnít confronted by mommy javelina, but you know she was watching. Forest, Ron, and Austin also helped a tarantula cross the road before it got run over. Why they undertook this operation is not known. Most people want to kill spiders. I guess it is a testament to how environmentally conscious orienteers are. See you at Saguaro Lake.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setter: Erik Ringnes
Meet Director: Erik Ringnes
Bag Hangers: Erik Ringnes, Glenn Haselfeld, Valerie Ringnes
Water Station Setup: Erik Ringnes
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Erik Ringnes, Forest Brown, Austin Ringnes
Registration Table: Erik Ringnes, Austin Ringnes, Anya Ringnes
Timing Table: Erik Ringnes, Austin Ringnes, Anya Ringnes
Beginners Clinic: Glenn Haselfeld
Control Retrieval: Erik Ringnes, Ron Birks, Ludwig Hill
Tabulating Results: Erik Ringnes

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Red Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME       RANK  Team Members  
  Ron Birks                1:17:52    1M 
  Ludwig Hill              1:20:05    2M
  Cristina Luis            1:28:07    1F
  Arild Orsleie            1:39:17    3M
  Derreck Beracy           1:39:53    4M
  Forest Brown             1:52:17    5M
  Tim England              2:08:58    6M   
  ASU Trackers             Rec        ---    David Hensley,Garry Jaggers

Orange Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME       RANK  Team Members
  Ludwig Hill              1:03:26    1M
  Austin Ringnes           DNF        ---
  Team Tango               DNF        ---   Ed Tankersley, Ian Tankersley
  Tisha Taylor             DNF        ---
  Melissa Trout            Rec        ---
  Lee Craven               Rec        ---
  Debra Allen              Rec        ---
  Lisa Spear               Rec        ---

White Course
  COMPETITOR               TIME     RANK  Team Members
  Rockstars                0:44:00    1T   T.J. Kuhn, Maggie Kuhn
  Team Tango               1:18:20    2T   Ed Tankersley, Ian Tankersley
  Kathi Douglas            Rec        ---
  Doug McCulley            Rec        ---
  Lee Craven               Rec        ---
  Carla Brandt             Rec        ---