Results: January 9, 2010
Robbins Butte

This was the second event that we have held using our Robbins Butte map. The red course proved to be “flat and fast”, mostly in open areas with sparse vegetation. This was a good-news-and-bad-news situation for several orienteers; the open terrain allows for better viewing of distant land features, but the flat terrain can make it difficult to relocate if you lose contact with the map. The real challenge (as always) turned out to be to not go too fast and let your brain turn off.

We also had an elite orienteer running on the red course. Raffael Huber is visiting from Switzerland (here for winter orienteering training in the U.S.), and came in with an amazing time of 43:59 on a 7.7 km course. Cristina Luis from Tucson also had an excellent run with 60:10.

The Orange course was designed by first-time-setter Dianne Haselfeld, with a course that ran through the rocky outcroppings to the west of the start area. Ed Tankersly had the only competitive finish time on the Orange course, with a time of 102:37. Mike Zampino had an excellent time on the Orange (52:29), but had an unfortunate mis-punch on control #6. In Mike’s defense, he had already run the red course, and assumed that this control was the same as #10 on the Red (the controls were only 50 meters apart)—gotta read those control descriptions!

The Tucson club has graciously added the Robbins Butte base map to their RouteGadget website This tool lets you view the routes taken by other orienteers, and is extremely interesting and enlightening (and perhaps in my case, slightly embarrassing) to compare routes taken. The tool also accepts GPS track uploads in .gpx file format, although you will have to manually use tie points to get the correct scale and registration.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers, especially to the Tucson orienteers that help retrieve controls despite the long drive home. Also, continued thanks to Ron Birks for bringing snacks and drinks! We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setters: Glenn Haselfeld (Red, Yellow), Dianne Haselfeld (Orange)
Meet Director: Glenn Haselfeld
Bag Hangers: Glenn Haselfeld
Water Station Setup: Glenn Haselfeld
Equipment Hauling: Matt Hanley, Forest Brown, Glenn Haselfeld, Dianne Haselfeld
Setup/Tear-down: Glenn Haselfeld, Dianne Haselfeld, Debra Allen, Matt Hanley, Forest Brown
Registration Table: Dianne Haselfeld, Debra Allen
Timing Table: Dianne Haselfeld, Glenn Haselfeld
Beginners Clinic: Glenn Haselfeld
Control Retrieval: Raffael Huber, Cristina Luis, Max Suter, Mark Parsons, Ludwig Hill, Ron Birks, Matt Hanley, Forest Brown
Tabulating Results: Glenn Haselfeld

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                M - Male
                F - Female
                T - Team

Red Course
  COMPETITOR               CAT  TIME       RANK  Team Members  
  Raffael Huber            M    0:43:59    1M
  Cristina Luis            F    1:00:10    1F
  Mike Zampino             M    1:14:00    2M
  Ludwig Hill              M    1:15:32    3M
  Max Suter                M    1:16:36    4M
  Mark Parsons             M    1:22:10    5M
  Erik Ringnes             M    1:24:37    6M
  Hanley/Brown             T    1:36:34    1T    Matt Hanley, Forest Brown
  Ron Birks                M    1:52:00    7M
  Hines/Stefek             T    2:05:40    2T    Kim Hines, Tina Stefek
  Fleck/Pittman            T    2:23:46    3T    Tom Fleck, Warren Pittman
  Guacamole                T    2:33:06    4T
  David Hensley            M    2:39:20    8M
  Tim England              M    DNF
  Tim Stefek               M    DNF
  Blame Justin             M    DNF
  Arild Orsleie            M    DNF   

Orange Course
  COMPETITOR               CAT  TIME       RANK   
  Ed Tankersley            M    1:42:37    1M
  Mike Zampino*            M    0:52:29    MSP
  Rick Burris              M    2:19:30    DNF
  Debra Allen             ---   Rec
  Team Jimbo              ---   Rec
  Team Ibish              ---   Rec
  Team Geezers            ---   Rec
  Team Blank              ---   Rec

* 2nd course of the day.  Mike first ran the red course, then the orange.