Results: February 14, 2010
Coon Bluff

Valentine’s Day turned out to be a beautiful day for running around in the desert. The weather was perfect and we had a great turn-out. Veteran participants, including a couple car-loads of folks from Tucson, and many new faces came out to try their luck on the Coon Bluff courses. We had a beginner’s White course, and intermediate Orange course, and an advanced Red course to choose from. All three had a little more climb than ordinary due to the terrain, but everyone seemed to embrace the challenge and had a good time. A big “Thank you” to all the folks who helped setup for the event, packed up the gear afterwards, and went out to pick up bags. The club really appreciates your help.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setter: Forest Brown
Meet Director: Forest Brown
Bag Hangers: Forest Brown
Water Station Setup: Forest Brown
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Tisha Taylor, Erik Ringnes, Glenn Haselfeld, Laura Wasylenki, Kathy Burraston
Registration Table: Erik Ringnes, Tisha Taylor
Timing Table: Forest Brown
Beginners Clinic: Erik Ringnes
Control Retrieval: Forest Brown, Erik Ringnes, Walt Smith, Ludwig Hill, Leif Lundquist, Glenn Haselfeld
Tabulating Results: Forest Brown

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Course Notes


Direct Route Distance: 1.43 km
Best Route Distance:   1.71 km
Total Climb:           103.6 m
Equivalent Distance*:  2.75 km

Direct Route Distance:	4.22 km
Best Route Distance:	4.7 km
Total Climb:		219.46 m
Equivalent Distance*:	6.89 km 

Direct Route Distance:	7.48 km
Best Route Distance:	8.06 km
Total Climb:		396.24 m
Equivalent Distance*:	12.02 km

*Equivalent Distance = Best Route + (Total Climb X 10)


  COMPETITOR                   TIME       RANK  Points  Team Members                                . 
  Samantha Saeger              1:10:38    1F    10
  Ludwig Hill                  1:24:37    1M    10
  Cristina Luis                1:25:39    2F     9
  Erik Ringnes                 1:28:48    2M     9
  Leif Lundquist               1:42:45    3M     8
  Glenn Haselfeld              1:44:18    4M     7
  Tim Stefek                   1:52:09    5M     6
  Tina Stefek                  2:19:45    3F     8
  Fleck Foster                 2:48:37    1T            Tom Fleck, Brent Foster
  Team Guacamole               2:53:30    2T            Casandra Carter, Ron Hendricks
  Ed Tankersley                DNF        M
  Derrick Berracy              DNF        M

  COMPETITOR                   TIME       RANK  Points  Team Members                                . 
  Laura Wasylenki              1:42:18    1F
  Walt Smith                   2:09:38    1M
  Debra Allen                  2:25:30    2F
  Team Milan                   2:36:00    1T            Phil, Bac, and Zachary Milan
  Tisha Taylor                 DNF
  Douglas McCulley             Rec
  Gee Gee Larrington           Rec
  Dianne Haselfeld             Rec
  Lisa Bunch                   Rec
  Team Dale                    Rec                      Mike, Matty, and Mouse Dale
  Kathy Burraston              Rec

  COMPETITOR                   TIME     RANK  Team Members                                 .
  Team Dale                    42:45    1T    Mike, Matty, and Mouse Dale
  Kathy Burraston              45:00    1F
  Lisa Bunch                   Rec
  Team Carma                   Rec            Rick and Mia Poulin