Results: October 10, 2010
First Water Score-O

It was a sunny day, beautiful. Before the race and temperatures were in the 70s and it was windy. Depending on where you come from, you could call it a steady breeze, but it was strong enough that we had to stake the tents down. During the race temperatures rose into the 80s and the wind went away. You could only find a bit of breeze on the ridges. It got a bit hot down in the washes and gullies. We had a good turnout, about 20 people plus the odd Park Ranger or two. We had several new participants. Welcome to Orienteering, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and will come out to upcoming events!

In a close contest, Ludwig Hill took first place, with Eric Ringnes finishing a close second. Maybe Eric was thrown off his game plan when, just as he was ready to start the race, we pressed him into service at the Timing Desk. Many thanks to new participant Chris Miller for helping with Setup/TearDown. We set a new world record for speedy Tear-Down, no official time was recorded but it must have been under 15 minutes.

If you're interested, here's a link to a map showing the routes of Ludwig Hill and Erik Ringnes. Only 10 points separated the two for first and second place overall. Great job guys! First Water Routes

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setter: Forest Brown
Meet Director: Forest Brown
Bag Hangers: Forest Brown
Water Station Setup: Forest Brown
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Gary Hicky, Mike Cagle
Registration Table: Forest Brown, Gary Hickey
Timing Table: Forest Brown
Beginners Clinic: Erik Ringnes, Forest Brown
Control Retrieval: Windy Marks, David Marks, Erik Ringnes, Forest Brown
Tabulating Results: Forest Brown

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                M - Male
                F - Female
               TM - Male Team
               TF - Female Team
               TX - Mixed Team

First Water Score-O
October 10, 2010
Total Points Possible: 600  
Number of Controls: 25  
Total Participants: 18  
Competitor Total
Points *
Number of
Time Category Rank Grand Prix
Team Members
1 Ludwig Hill 600 0   2:56:02 M 1 10  
2 Erik Ringnes 590 0   2:55:48 M 2 9  
3 Tim Stefek 540 0   2:47:57 M 3 8  
4 David Marks 540 0   2:58:39 M 4 7  
5 Jeff Brucker 520 0   2:54:17 M 5 6  
6 Start Slow & Ease Up 410 0   2:59:43 TF 1 NA Windy Marks, Brigid O'Neil
7 Red Energy 400 0   2:58:59 TX 1 NA Michelle Kelly, Tommy Kelly
8 Pitman/Fleck 380 10   3:00:52 TM 1 NA Warren Pitman, Tom Fleck
9 Tina Stefek 340 0   2:59:15 F 1 10 Tina Stefek and her rattlesnake friend
10 Gary Hickey 320 0   2:47:40 M 6 5  
11 Mike Cagle 150 90   3:08:55 M 7 4  
12 Steady and Slow 70 0   2:49:29 T? ? NA 2 (?)
Rec Gee Gee Larington - - - - - - -  
Rec Chris Miller - - - - - - -  

* Ten points were deducted for each full minute over the 3-hour time limit. The penalty points are already included in the POINTS column.