Results: January 8, 2011
Robbins Butte

Thanks mostly to the efforts of Forest Brown, we had a larger-than-normal turnout that included quite a few first timers. A total of 61 orienteers hit the desert floor in search of the elusive control markers, with ages ranging from 4 to 81 years. We also added three new members to our roster—welcome!

Forest set up a new Phoenix Orienteering group on ( The big advantage is that by identifying related activities, the group is tied into a network of other outdoor groups. I would encourage all our members to use the site and “RSVP” to upcoming events. This is a fast and easy way for the course director to get an accurate count of how many maps to print, which saves us $ and keeps our membership rates low.

The “purple” course concept morphed into the two traditional red and blue courses. Nearly all of the experience orienteers opted for the blue, which turned out for many to be a challenge to complete within the time allotted. Ron Birks had an outstanding run at 1:33:21 for fastest time on the Blue course.

The Red and Green courses did not get too many takers. Forest Brown and Gary Hickey had the red all to themselves (although the Red course shadowed the Blue for the first half) and Forest finished with a very respectable time of 1:35:06. We also had a couple of boy scout troops join us. Troop 689 did exceptionally well by completing both the White/Yellow and Orange courses within the time allotted.

Many thanks to the volunteers who help run the event and supported control retrieval:
Dianne Haselfeld
Gary Larson
Ron Birks
Kathi Douglas
Forest Brown
Ludwig Hill
Debra Allen
Mike Minium
Gary Hickey
Kevin Adams
Matt Zeilman

A special thanks to Ron and Kathi for once again bringing drink coolers and snacks for orienteers to enjoy—greatly appreciated!

The Tucson club has graciously added the Robbins Butte base map to their RouteGadget website ( This tool lets you view the routes taken by other orienteers, and is extremely interesting and enlightening to compare routes taken. The tool also accepts GPS track uploads in .gpx file format, although you have to manually use tie points to get the correct scale and registration.

(Send corrections to webmaster )
                M - Male
                F - Female
                T - Team

Blue Course
  COMPETITOR               CAT  TIME       RANK  Team Members  
  Ron Birks                M    1:33:21    1M
  Ludwig Hill              M    1:54:33    2M
  Mike Minium (OCIN)       M    2:16:25    3M
  Erik Ringnes             M    2:20:07    4M
  Tim Stefek               M    2:33:00    5M
  Tom & Warren             T    2:39:28    1T    TBD
  Mike Zampino             M    2:39:45    6M
  David Marks              M    2:41:58    7M
  Windy Marks              F    2:51:46    1F
  Jesse Rutherford         M    DNF	 	    
  Lunatic Fringe           T    DNF              TBD
  Kevin Adams              M    DNF
  Matt Zeilman             M    DNF
  Tina Stefek              F    DNF
  Team Floridia/Peen/Mace  T    DNF              TBD

Red Course
  COMPETITOR               CAT  TIME       RANK   
  Forest Brown             M    1:35:06    1M
  Gary Hickey              M    DNF

Green Course
  COMPETITOR               CAT  TIME       RANK   
  Team Furedy              T    1:56:03    1T
  Tim Tablada              M    DNF

Orange Course
  COMPETITOR               CAT  TIME       RANK  Team Members  
  Team Haslell             T    DNF              TBD
  Debra Allen              F    DNF

Congratulations to the following recreational orienteers for successfully 
completing the course and finding all controls:
Troop 689, Team Tevis, Better Lost than Sober

White/Yellow Course
  COMPETITOR               CAT  TIME       RANK  Team Members  
  Troop 639                T    0:29:00    1T    TBD
  Team Furedy              T    0:37:50    2T    TBD
  Troop 485                T    0:44:00    3T    TBD

Congratulations to the following recreational orienteers for successfully 
completing the course and finding all controls:
Team Randolf, Sharon Fairchild, Brad Cohen, Lauren Derille, Las Locas, 
Team Bowman, Kathi Douglas