Results: January 7, 2012
Robbins Butte Classic-O Wrap-Up

We had near perfect weather for the four classic courses at Robbins Butte. We had several new orienteers trying out the beginner White/Yellow course. Thanks mostly to the 1+ hour clinic taught by Erik Ringnes, all orienteers completed the White/Yellow successfully, and most also visited 5 or more controls on the Orange course as well. Well done!

In total, 22 orienteers hit the desert floor in search of the elusive control markers. Competitors on the Green and Red courses also had to contend with several “dummy” controls placed 50-80 meters away from the real control. Judging from multiple “extra” punches on the score cards, it appears that several people had to do a double-take on one or more controls.

I also heard that several competitors had difficulty finding the “FB” control on the Red course—I apologize if the control was hung so that it was hard to see from most angles.

Many thanks to the volunteers who help run the event and supported control retrieval:

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setters: Glenn Hasselfeld
Meet Directors: Glenn Hasselfeld
Bag Hangers: Glenn Hasselfeld
Water Station Setup: Glenn Hasselfeld
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Glenn Hasselfeld
Registration Table: Debra Allen
Timing Table: Glenn Hasselfeld
Beginners Clinic: Erik Ringnes
Control Retrieval: Ludwig Hill, Debra Allen, Mike Minium, Mike Zampino, Kelli Allstot, Dan O'Brien
Tabulating Results: Glenn Hasselfeld

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(Hyperlinks in the tables below link to tracks displayed on the event map.)

   M - Male
   F - Female
   T - Team

Red Course

Name Category Time Rank Team Members
Ludwig Hill M 1:17:57 1-M  
Erik Ringnes M 1:46:14 2-M  
Mike Zampino/Kelli Allstot T 1:51:30 1-T Mike Zampino, Kelli Allstot
Michael Minium M 1:52:32 3-M  
Forest Brown M 2:24:00 DNF  
Martin Dimitrov M 2:37:00 DNF  

Green Course

Name Category Time Rank Team Members
John & Ryan Anhold T 1:21:00 1-T John Anhold, Ryan Anhold

Orange Course

Name Category Time Rank Team Members
Debra Allen F 1:57:34 1-F  
Dan O'Brien M 2:40:00 1-M  
J&J Kilbourn T 2:41:00 1-T J Kilbourn, J Kilbourn

White/Yellow Course

Name Category Time Rank Team Members
Mike Zampino/Kelli Allstot T 0:27:39 1-T Mike Zampino, Kelli Allstot
Linda Wadleigh F 0:33:00 1-F  
Kevin & Nate Adams T 0:36:00 2-T Kevin Adams, Nate Adams
Julie/Merridith T 0:36:30 3-T Julie ?, Merridith ?
Paul & Ben Willcox T 0:39:26 4-T Paul Willcox, Ben Willcox
Tina/Asia T 0:55:10 5-T Tina ?, Asia ?