Results: March 11, 2012
Coon Bluff Score-O and Adventure Race

Event Writeup

It was a beautiful day for orienteering at Coon Bluff on March 11th. The temperature was unseasonably warm, but it didn’t have a significant impact on the competitors. The two hour score-O came down to the wire with both Ludwig Hill and Max Suter collecting all 25 controls and completing the course within the two hour time limit. Ludwig edged out Max 1:56:16 to 1:58:40. Gary Hickey found 18 controls and amassed 580 points for a third place finish. Each competitor made different route choices in an attempt to minimize the number of big climbs.

In the women’s event Julie Calderwood (170 points, 9 controls) edged out Debra Allen (140 points, 8 controls) for first place.

Team Crushin’ composed of Rick and Sierra Eastman won the team competition with 410 points and 13 controls. Second place, with 260 points and 11 controls, went to JC Adventure Team made up of Cooper Parkinson and first time orienteer Jackie Culp.

We had a decent turnout for our 5-hour adventure race. Matt Zeilman and Kevin Adams made the trip all the way from Flagstaff just to participate in our event. They were on the course for just under 5 hours, so they really got their money's worth. Everyone who participated found all 8 UTM controls, then followed by finding the five distance-bearing controls. Matt and Kevin then blazed to a winning performance by finding 21 of the 25 Score-O controls. Gary Parkinson spent less time on the course but was still able to find 16 Score-O controls. Brigid, Georgie, and Loretta didn't go out on the Score-O course, but they had run an big event on Saturday and probably had another big marathon planned for Sunday evening too. We're happy you all were able to join us.

Congratulations to all of the top finishers and thank you to all of the orienteers who attended the event.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setters: Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks
Meet Directors: Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks
Bag Hangers: Derrick Beracy, Forest Brown, Ron Birks
Water Station Setup: Derrick Beracy
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks, Leif Lundquist
Registration Table: Derrick Beracy, Forest Brown, Ron Birks, Kathi Douglas
Timing Table: Forest Brown, Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks
Beginners Clinic: Forest Brown, Ron Birks
Control Retrieval: Ludwig Hill, Max Suter, Deb Allen, Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks
Tabulating Results: Ron Birks


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Adventure Race

UTM: 8 controls, 6.22 km, 46 meters climb
Distance/Bearing: 5 controls, 1.14 km, 20 meters climb
Score-O: 25 controls, 8.0 km, 340 meters climb
Total Participants: 6
Entry Name UTM
Team Members
Where's the CP 01:33:15 8 00:22:45 5 02:56:16 21 04:52:16 34 Matt Zeilman, Kevin Adams
Gary Parkinson 01:34:46 8 00:22:50 5 01:46:21 16 03:43:57 29 .
Tres Amigas 02:25:50 8 00:27:48 5 00:06:22 0 03:00:00 13 Georgie Sevker, Brigid Oneil, Loretta Coffman


Total Points Possible: 730
Number of Controls: 25
Straight-Line Distance/Climb: 8.0 km, 340 meters climb
Total Participants: 15 + 6 from AR-5
Overall Place Name Total Points Penalty Final Points Number of Controls Time Category Rank Team Members
1 Ludwig Hill 730 0 730 25 01:56:16 M 1 .
2 Max Suter 730 0 730 25 01:58:40 M 2 .
3 Gary Hickey 580 0 580 18 01:56:09 M 3 .
AR-5 Gary Parkinson 480 0 480 16 01:46:21 AR-5 AR-5 .
4 Leif Lundquist 620 150 470 18 02:14:09 M 4 .
5 Team Crush'n 410 0 410 13 01:56:26 T 1 Rick Eastman, Sierra Eastman
6 JC Adventure Team 260 0 260 11 01:51:49 T 2 Cooper Parkinson, Jackie Culp
7 MaYu 200 0 200 9 01:54:06 T 3 Yurii Fedyk, Maria Fedyk
8 Julie Calderwood 170 0 170 8 01:56:00 F 1 .
9 Debra Allen 130 0 130 7 01:50:35 F 2 .
Rec Philip A. Fortnam 50 0 50 3 01:55:00 M Rec .
AR-5 Where's the CP 650 600 50 21 02:56:16 AR-5 AR-5 Matt Zeilman, Kevin Adams
AR-5 Tres Amigas 0 0 0 0 00:00:00 AR-5 AR-5 Georgie Sevker, Brigid Oneil, Loretta Coffman
Rec Schachte/Crump 100 0 100 6 Rec T Rec Tammi Schachte, Jeff Crump

Note: We categorized results for adventure racers in the table above. The goal during the adventure race was to find the most controls in the 5-hour time limit. However, the Score-O time limit was 2 hours. Since Matt and Kevin were able to use more than 2-hours for their Score-O performance, we had to subtract points for them coming in past the "time limit", even though they were well under the AR-5 time limit. Maybe we'll figure out a better way to do this in the future.