Results: April 14, 2012
Bomboy Mine Score-O, Bike-O, and Adventure Race

Event Writeup

The day of the Bomboy Mine event on Saturday, April 14th held a couple of surprises. The first was the weather. After weeks of temperatures in the low 90's, we were hit with a cold front that dropped our onsite temperatures to as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit on the morning of the event. It later warmed up to a nice 60+, but it was still pretty cool if you were just sitting around. It was actually pretty nice for the folks running the courses. The occasional scattered rain and wind didn't help though.

The other surprise was for the adventure racers. They ended up getting a little more adventure than they counted on. Fun Fact: Did you know there is more then one type of UTM coordinate system? The adventure racers were required to perform 3 stages: a UTM plotting section, a Bike-O, and then the Score-O. For the UTM plotting section they were required to plot 6 UTM coordinates onto a map, then go out onto the course and locate them. It turns out our OCAD maps and my GPS device are set to UTM datum NAD27 (that's Universal Transverse Mercator, North American Datum of 1927 for you laymen). The maps used for the UTM plotting section (and Google Earth by the way) use UTM NAD83. The result of the mix up was that the adventure racers were off on the plotting by about 200m NW. Several teams quickly realized the error and spread the word to the other teams, but it still caused delays and confusion for everyone. As course setter, I want to offer my sincerest apology. Often, navigating to controls can be difficult enough without the added frustration of map mistakes and control misplacement. I am very impressed at how well the adventure racers responded to the problem and worked together in cooperation to share information with other teams competing against them. Great job, everyone, especially to Windy's Team, who took first place, and ODP and BFC, who took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

On the Score-O side, there were several impressive scores turned in. Congratulations to Derrick Beracy with and amazing 800 points on the 4hr option. Jeff Brucker came in 2nd with 690 points, and Brad Poe took 3rd with 510 points despite a 40 point overtime penalty. For the 2hr option, Ludwig Hill took 1st place despite taking a whopping 170 point deduction for coming in late. Team TYM took 2nd place with 150 points, and Leif Lundquist took 3rd after giving up 320 points in overtime penalties. On the Bike-O we had one father and son team, Team Frozen, who took on the course at a leisurely pace. But since they had no competition they could take their time.

Big thanks to everyone who helped out. Kathi Douglas, Trisha McHenry, Jake Elmer, Leif Lundquist, Hannah Studer, Sarah Kessang, Martin Dmitrov, and Ron Birks helped set up the event and take it down again when we were done. Also thanks to Ludwig Hill, Gee Gee Larington, and Glenn Haselfeld for going back out after a long day to collect controls. This was the last event of the 2011-12 season, and now we'll be taking a few months off for the summer. We'll see everyone again in the Fall for more o rienteering fun. Take care and don't get lost.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setters: Forest Brown
Meet Directors: Forest Brown
Bag Hangers: Forest Brown
Water Station Setup: Forest Brown
Equipment Hauling: Forest Brown
Setup/Tear-down: Forest Brown, Kathi Douglas, Trisha McHenry, Jake Elmer, Leif Lundquist, Hannah Studer, Sarah Kessang, Martin Dmitrov, Ron Birks
Registration Table: Forest Brown
Timing Table: Forest Brown
Beginners Clinic: Forest Brown
Control Retrieval: Forest Brown, Ludwig Hill, Gee Gee Larington, Glenn Haselfeld
Tabulating Results: Ron Birks


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Adventure Race

UTM: 6 controls
Bike-O: 11 controls
Score-O: 25 controls
Total Participants: 11
Place Entry Name UTM
Team Members
1 Windy's Team 02:18:47 6 01:08:23 11 01:31:30 200 04:58:40 25 200 Windy Marks, David Marks
2 ODP 02:29:12 6 01:27:28 11 00:59:58 130 04:56:38 23 130 Hannah Studer, Sarah Kessang, Martin Dimitrov
3 BFC 02:42:46 6 01:30:07 11 00:46:27 100 04:59:20 21 100 Mike Zampino, Kelli Allstor
4 Glenn Haselfeld 02:28:53 6 01:42:25 11 00:47:49 80 04:59:07 21 80  
5 Ron Birks 03:41:44 6 01:36:20 11 00:00:00 0 05:18:04 17 0  
6 McFudd 03:48:30 6 01:57:30 11 00:00:00 0 05:46:00 17 0 Trisha McHenry, Jake Elmer


Total Points Possible: 950
Number of Controls: 25
Straight-Line Distance/Climb: - km, - meters climb
Total Participants: 17
Overall Place Name Total Points Penalty Final Points Number of Controls Time Category Rank Team Members
1 Derrick Beracy 800 0 800 17 03:58:15 M 1  
2 Jeff Brucker 690 0 690 17 03:51:44 M 2  
3 Brad Poe 550 40 510 12 04:03:46 M 3  
4 Peg Davis 430 0 430 10 03:59:50 F 1  
5 Mike Cagle 380 40 340 12 04:03:07 M 4  
6 Debra Allen 290 0 290 8 03:45:40 F 2  
7 Michael Tharp 200 0 200 9 03:04:10 M 5  
8 Team Wilcox 170 0 170 5 03:13:40 T 1 Paul Willcox, Ben Willcox
9 Gary Hickey 320 320 0 7 04:33:00 M 6  
Rec Gee Gee Larrington - - - - - - -  
1 Ludwig Hill 620 170 450 13 02:16:32 M 1  
2 TYM 150 0 150 9 01:56:33 T 1 Yuri Fedyk, Tatiana Fedyk, Masha Fedyk
3 Leif Lundquist 320 260 60 11 02:25:30 M 2  
4 Kathi Douglas 40 0 40 3 01:11:00 F 1  


Number of Controls: 11
Straight-Line Distance/Climb: - km, - meters climb
Total Participants: 2
Overall Place Name Total Controls Time Category Rank Team Members
1 Team Frozen 11 3:55:10 T 1 Jared Ihnen, Utah Ihnen