Results: November 9, 2014
Coon Bluff

Event Writeup

We had a nice day of Classic-O courses at Coon Bluff Recreation Area in Mesa, AZ. Over 50 people came out to try the White, Yellow, Brown, and Green courses. The Brown and Green courses included newly-mapped areas north and east of Coon Bluff Road. There were old friends, new friends and even a military orienteer from Germany. The Maryvale Panthers JROTC were there too, fresh off a strong performance the previous week at the Southwest Orienteering Championship at First Water, where they won their 3rd straight Team Championship and for the first time, placed 3rd in the Sweepstakes 1 point behind Gallup HS and 4 Points behind Buena HS. See Daryl Yost's report on our website for more details.

It's been a rainy year, so the brush was thick, the footpaths were full of sand, and the washes were deeper than the last time we were here. The new territory had lots of trees and faint trails. It all added up to the Brown and Green courses being a bit challenging. Oh yes, there was the small matter of the parking lot east of the road being mismapped. And the bags for Brown and Green Control #3 were swapped in the field. Most runners were not affected, but several runners recognized the errors and unfairly lost time on the course. Nothing like a good course setting error to break your flow! Accordingly, the results were adjusted to account for the time that was lost. Gary apologizes very much for these glitches, especially if they caused anyone to enjoy the day even one bit less than they would have otherwise.

That being said, here is how things turned out: Ron Birks and Daniel Heininger (from O.C. Munchen) were the best of the field on the Green course. David, Windy, and Derrick finished not far behind. Alejandro Torres and Shadow stayed strong and finished the Green course, a nice job on a long, difficult course. Debbie Allen was the only person to finish the Brown course, and her perserverance earned her a well-deserved victory. The team of Daniel Zuniga and Arturo Soto finished one-two on the Yellow course, with good times, and then tackled the Brown course as a team. They would have finished it but they just ran out of time. Ulysse Roman, Jacky De La Torre, Juan Ramierz and Miguel Haro also did well on short courses and then took on the Brown or Green. Several other runners attempted the long courses with a late start, did very well, but also ran out of time. The White course was enoyed by some teams, which was great to see. The best time was turned in by Daryl Yost and Daniel Zuniga as a team. Well done to everyone!
Gary cannot thank enough the club members who helped run the meet. Without Ron and Forest we could not have registered and started all the racers so efficiently. And thanks so much to everyone who picked up bags. Gary only had to pick up a few. Maybe they thought he would get lost looking for his own bags! We are looking forward to Lake Pleasant next month, and Coon Bluff some time in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for coming to the event, everyone!

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setters: Gary Hickey
Meet Directors: Gary Hickey
Bag Hangers: Gary Hickey
Water Station Setup: Gary Hickey
Equipment Hauling: Ron Birks
Setup/Tear-down: Ron Birks, Gary Hickey, Glenn Haselfeld, Forest Brown
Registration Table: Ron Birks, Gary Hickey
Timing Table: Forest Brown
Beginners Clinic: Glenn Haselfeld, Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks
Control Retrieval: Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks, Gary Hickey, Tom Allen, Forest Brown
Tabulating Results: Forest Brown, Gary Hickey


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Coon Bluff Participation

Course Number of Participants
White 15
Yellow 25
Brown 9
Green 18
Total (some ran more than 1 course) 52


Number of Controls: 5
Straight-Line Distance/Climb: 1.8 km, 0 meters climb
Total Participants: 15
Name Team
Category Elapsed
Rank Team Members
1 Panther Training 2 TM 0:31:00 1 Daryl Yost, Daniel Zuniga. Maryvale JROTC.
2 Slow & Steady 4 TX 1:22:00 1 Mary Hancock, Terry Hancock, Taylor Hancock, Megan Hancock
  Pros From Dover 3 TX REC   Dave Fish, Nikki Perrott, Marty Waters
  Team Vintage 4 TX REC   Phillip Marin, Penny Marin, Mary Jo Toledo, Dave Toledo
  Wallace Team 2 TX REC   Estelle Wallace, Bob Wallace


Number of Controls: 8
Straight-Line Distance/Climb: 3.9 km, 100 meters climb
Total Participants: 25
Name Team
Category Elapsed
Rank Team Members
1 Daniel Zuniga 1 M 0:43:00 1 Maryvale JROTC
2 Arturo Soto 1 M 0:48:00 2 Maryvale JROTC
3 Ulysse Roman 1 M 0:54:00 3 Maryvale JROTC
4 De La Torre/Ramirez 2 TX 1:07:00 1 Jacquelin De La Torre, Juan Ramirez. Maryvale JROTC.
5 Brandon Drake 1 M 1:09:00 4  
6 Ducks 3 TM 1:25:00 1 Kevin Adams, Nate Adams, Collin Doucette
7 Miguel Haro 1 M 1:32:00 5 Maryvale JROTC
8 Max & Brian 2 TM 1:33:00 2 Brian Fabig, Max Fabig
9 Team Vintage 3 TX 1:40:00 2 Phillip Marin, Mary Jo Toledo, Dave Toledo
10 Slow & Steady 4 TX 2:06:00 3 Mary Hancock, Terry Hancock, Taylor Hancock, Megan Hancock
  Hoskins Team 4 TX REC   Nicolas Hoskins, Ellen Hoskins, Sebastian Hoskins, Gavan Hoskins
  Lawrence Baker 1 M REC    
  Sharon Fairchild 1 F DNF    


Number of Controls: 10
Straight-Line Distance/Climb: 6.30 km, 181 meters climb
Total Participants: 9
Name Team
Category Elapsed
Rank Team Members
1 Debbie Allen 1 F 3:22:00 1  
  Soto/Zuniga 2 TM DNF   Arturo Soto, Daniel Zuniga. Maryvale JROTC
  Irene Fabig 1 F DNF  
  Miguel Haro 1 M DNF   Maryvale JROTC
  De La Torre/Roman 2 TF DNF   Jacquelin De La Torre, Ulysse Roman. Maryvale JROTC
  Pink Dynamite 2 TF DNF   Corinne Gibson, Rachel Sweeney


Number of Controls: 12
Straight-Line Distance/Climb: 6.80 km, 181 meters climb
Total Participants: 18
Name Team
Category Elapsed
Rank Team Members
1 Daniel Heininger 1 M 1:10:00* 1 Visiting US, from O.C. Munchen. Searched for misplaced control. Time adjusted.
2 Ron Birks 1 M 1:10:00* 2 Searched for misplaced control. Time adjusted.
3 David Marks 1 M 1:40:00* 3 Searched for misplaced control. Time adjusted.
4 Windy Marks 1 F 1:40:00* 1 Searched for misplaced control. Time adjusted.
5 Derrick Beracy 1 M 1:40:00* 4 Searched for misplaced control. Time adjusted.
6 Matt Gunstra 1 M 2:11:00 5  
7 Glenn Haselfeld 1 M 2:20:00* 6 Searched for misplaced control. Time adjusted.
8 Alejandro Torres 1 M 2:50:00 7 Maryvale JROTC
9 Joseph Moreles 1 M 2:52:00 8 Maryvale JROTC
10 Matt Sweeney 1 M 3:15:00 9  
  Brandan Figueroa 1 M DNF Maryvale JROTC
  Kyle Seifullin 1 M DNF    
  Daryl Yost 1 M DNF   Maryvale JROTC
  Moose Attack 2 TM DNF   Ken Snelling, Mike Ball
  Eric Chapman 1 M DNF    
  Tom Allen 1 M DNF    
  Jose Gonzalez 1 M DNF   Maryvale JROTC