Results: November 8, 2015
Coon Bluff Score-O

Event Writeup

The Coon Bluff 2-hour Score-O is in the books! It was a beautiful day in North Mesa and we had a solid turnout. Thirty-one racers tackled the course. This Score-O offered quite a few controls (28) distributed over a wide area. Racers visited some newly-mapped areas to the east of the main parking area. We hope it was interesting to venture over there and see the large trees and horse trails.

We had many first-time participants. Thanks for coming! Welcome! We hope you had fun and will join us again. Every month we go to a different area and hold different kinds of events, so please come try them all!

OK, now for the results: For our solo competitors, Ron Birks visited the most controls and scored the highest. Brandon Drake came in second with a solid showing. We had quite a number of mixed teams. Matt and Bianca were the team who scored the highest, with Brian and Irene close behind. The team of Noah and Kyle also made a fine debut, finding 12 bags and posting a nice score in a short amount of time. Way to go everyone!

I want to mention our special participants, Bruce & Judy Donaldson. They and a few others founded our club over 30 years ago! It was great to meet them and chat a bit. We look forward to talking with them again. They did quite well, by the way, but that does not come as a surprise.

In the course setter apologies department, Gary apologizes for the slightly misplaced bag #22. Apparently he did not use a big enough piece of marking tape to mark the spot! Or perhaps his dead GPS batteries the day were the problem. Either way, he ended up with a somewhat creative placement of the bag. It was only off by about 15 meters, but he strives for perfection, and he didn't quite get there. Also, the clue for #30 was reentrant but it was pointed out (quite correctly) that dry river bed would have been much more correct. That control was located at the bottom of a deep dry river bed. If anyone was tripped up by these errors, please feel free to mention to Gary next time you see him and he will offer you a free soft drink :).

Thanks again to all who came to the event. And a huge thank you to Ron Birks for helping with set up, registration, timing, tear down, equipment hauling and bag collection! Thanks Ron.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Course Setters: Gary Hickey
Meet Directors: Gary Hickey
Bag Hangers: Gary Hickey
Water Station Setup: Gary Hickey
Equipment Hauling: Gary Hickey
Setup/Tear-down: Gary Hickey, Ron Birks
Registration Table: Gary Hickey, Ron Birks
Timing Table: Gary Hickey
Beginners Clinic: Gary Hickey, Ron Birks
Control Retrieval: Gary Hickey, Ron Birks
Tabulating Results: Gary Hickey


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Course Statistics
Total Points 880
Number of Controls 28
Straight-Line Distance (km) 10.8
Climb (m) 337
Total Participants 31
Number of Minutes 120
Penalty Per Minute 10

Name Total
Penalty Final
Category Rank Team Members
1 Ron Birks 750 0 750 22 1:58:00 M 1
2 Team Hanly 430 0 430 16 1:52:00 TX 1 Matt Hanly, Bianca Hanly
3 Storming the Castle 440 40 400 14 2:04:00 TX 2 Brian Fabig, Irene Fabig
4 Brandon Drake 370 0 370 10 1:59:00 M 2
5 Bruce and Judy 360 0 360 11 1:56:00 TX 3 Bruce Donaldson, Judy Donaldson
6 Noah and Kyle 330 0 330 12 1:35:00 TM 4 Noah Rischitelli, Kyle Johnston
7 Kyle Seifullin 320 20 300 12 2:02:00 M 3
8 Gaby and Eric 280 0 280 10 1:58:00 TX 5 Eric Chapman, Gaby Chapman
9 Team Vintage 250 0 250 9 1:54:00 TX 6 Dave Toledo, Mary Jo Toledo, Linnea Hughes
10 Trunk Monkey 210 0 210 10 1:55:00 TX 7 Jill Kyle, Bryan Thielen, Christie Christian, Roger Martin
11 Public Enemies 180 50 130 6 2:05:00 TX 8 Rich Orndoff, Tasha Johnston
12 W. Scott Steinhagen 80 0 80 5 1:54:00 M 4
13 Old Novices 130 10 120 6 2:01:00 TX 9 Russell Lee, Diane Manning
14 Anna Sickler 80 0 80 5 1:46:00 F 1
15 KA 80 210 0 4 2:21:00 TX 10 Kevin Murray + 1
16 Veronica Nixon 350 720 0 10 3:12:00 F 2
17 Team Gunnar Rec 1:57:00 TX 11 Ken Define, Jan Blanco