Results: December 5, 2015
Papago Park Beginner's Clinic

Event Writeup

We had an excellent turnout for our beginner's clinic at Papago Park. A total of 49 individuals participated in field training that lasted nearly 90 minutes at the area immediately north-east of the archery range in the park. Club members Ron, Derrick, and Erik did their best to help people with orienteering concepts while navigating through a short training course. Afterwards, many of the participants tried their hand at the City's fixed orienteering course located nearby.

We're absolutely thrilled to have met so many new people at Papago Park. We hope you'll all join us for one or more of our future orienteering events around the Valley. We'll do our best to provide interesting maps and courses where you can practice your new orienteering skills. Thanks to all of you who joined our beginner's training.

Event Volunteers:

Thanks to all the volunteers. We cannot have meets without volunteers.

Meet Director: Ron Birks
Registration Table: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes, Derrick Beracy
Beginners Clinic: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes, Derrick Beracy