Cave Buttes Results
Saturday, April 9, 2016

Events Held at Cave Buttes:
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Overall Writeup

We had an excellent opportunity to practice our favorite sport in the pristine desert located around the Cave Buttes dams in Phoenix. The area is normally closed to the public but for this one weekend, we were allowed to set three navigation courses in the hills and plains around the dams. As you can imagine, the area behind the dams is a mix of flood plain and relatively flat re-entrants. However, the dams themselves are built into several groups of hills which offer a little variety for navigation. With mild temperatures and no rain, we had an excellent day for our navigation fun.

Just over 30 indiviudals joined us for our Cave Buttes events. The event site is located in close proximity to the Phoenix metro area. With such a convenient location and a new map, we hope to be able to use the area again in the near future.

We'd like to give special thanks to volunteers and others who helped with the events. Erik Ringnes was a huge help in scouting the new map area, hanging bags, acting as co-meet director, and picking up bags afterwards. We really couldn't have done the event without his help. During event setup, every participant involved in the adventure race helped put up the club's tents and tables. Thanks everyone for taking time out of your pre-race routine to help us out. Also, we owe special thanks to Deb Ellis, Kathi Douglas, Forest Brown, Duncan Brown, Silas Sprout, and Stephan Dillon for their help manning the gates leading into the area. Since the area is not open to the general public, we were required to physically open and close the gates for each participant. We really appreciate everyone taking time to help wth the success of our Cave Buttes events.


Course Setters: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes
Meet Directors: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes
Bag Hangers: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes
Water Station Setup: None
Equipment Hauling: Ron Birks
Setup/Tear-down: Ron BIrks, Erik Ringnes, Jill Kyle, Hollon Kinney, Harry Zulch, Bryan Thielen, Cullen Longman, Andy Wentzel
Registration Table: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes
Timing Table: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes
Beginners Clinic: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes
Control Retrieval: Ron Birks, Erik Ringnes, Forest Brown
Tabulating Results: Ron Birks

Cave Buttes Score-O Results
Saturday, April 9, 2016


We tried our best to give participants in the Score-O experience with a variety of terrain. While we didn't have any open forest to explore, we did have some subtle terrain in the Cave Creek/Apache Wash flood plain as well as reentrants, spurs, and saddles in the hills around the dams. Duncan Brown and Silas Sprout made the nature find of the day when they uncovered a good-sized rattlesnake. Fortunately, the temperatures were low enough that the rattlesnake wasn't very active.

Twenty-three individuals participated in the two-hour Score-O. Forest Brown topped the leader board by visiting 19 of the 28 controls en route to collecting 400 points. Ben Markley visited fewer controls but was right behind with 340 points, while Kyle Seiffulin was close behind with 320 points. On the women's side, we had a really close race with Shiloh Ashley, Chelsea Ringnes, and Kelly Hinso scoring 240, 210, and 180 points respectively. Teams Rob and Cary, the Two Johnsons, and Lisa and Georgie also had good runs.

Two participants in the adventure race cleared the same Score-O course by visiting all 28 controls. Andy Wentzel visited the 28 controls in 2:05 while Harry Zulch completed the course in 3:05.


Course Statistics  
Total Points 630
Number of Controls 28
Straight-Line Distance (km) 9.7
Climb (m) 325
Total Participants 23
Number of Minutes 120
Penalty Per Minute 10

Score-O Results

Finish Name Total Points Penalty Final Points Num Controls Time Category Rank Team Members
1 Forest Brown 400 0 400 19 1:54:44 M 1
2 Ben Markley 340 0 340 14 1:57:40 M 2
3 Kyle Seifullin 320 0 320 14 1:53:41 M 3
4 Rob and Carey 230 0 230 10 1:55:04 TX 1 Rob Ehlers, Carey Altgilbers
5 Shiloh Ashley 240 20 220 11 2:01:27 F 1
6 Matt Gunstra 210 0 210 11 1:54:20 M 4
7 Two Johnsons 210 0 210 10 1:54:25 TX 2 Magda Johnson, Eric Johnson
8 Chelsea Ringnes 210 0 210 10 1:56:00 F 2
9 Kelly Hinso 180 0 180 10 1:53:30 F 3
10 Lisa and Georgie 170 0 170 8 1:49:08 TF 3 Lisa Spear, Georgie Sevlov
11 Joni Koehn 130 0 130 6 1:58:30 F 4
12 Juan and Josh 130 0 130 6 1:58:40 TM 4 Josh Velez, Juan McKelvy
13 Julie and Tina 100 0 100 5 1:39:10 TF 5 Julie Calderwood, Tina Nucero
14 Brown Sprout Rec REC 0 2 REC TM Duncan Brown, Silas Sprout
15 Stephan Dillon Rec REC 0 4 REC M
16 Team Glamdring Rec REC 0 17 REC TX Randi Ringnes, Zack Evans

Cave Buttes Adventure Race Results
Saturday, April 9, 2016


We're really happy that some of our regular, experienced racers joined for the Cave Buttes. The race started at 8:00 and included navigating through a 3+ km trek section, a 13+ km bike section, and finally the Score-O. After the bike section, Andy and Harry were in an almost dead heat with both of them being in the transition area at the same time. However, we had to assess Harry with a 10-minute penalty as he accidentally crossed into the out-of-bounds spillway area. For the final Score-O, Andy had a great run and visited all 28 controls in just over two hours. Harry too visited all the controls but today, Andy's 25-year old legs were the strongest.

The award for the most creative route choice goes to Team Trunk Monkey (Jill Kyle and Hollon Kinney). The rules stated that they were not allowed to cross over any dam or spillway. With an innovative spirit, they rode on open roads right up to the boundary fence around the dam, then hoisted their bikes on their shoulders and hiked into the hills to avoid the out-of-bounds area. They probably saved themselves 3 km of biking by taking the shortcut.


Event Statistics  
Number of Trek Controls 4
Trek Straight-Line Distance (km) 3.4
Trek Climb (m) 78
Number of Bike Contols 6
Bike Distance (km) 13.6
Bike Climb (m) 250
Number of Score-O Controls 28
Score-O Straight-Line Distance (km) 9.7
Score-O Climb (m) 325
Time Limit 05:00:00
Number of Participants 6


Overall Place Entry Name Size Net Trek Points Net Bike Points Net Score-O Points Total
Raw Trek
Trek Penalty Net Trek Points Bike-O Elapsed Time Raw Bike-O
Bike Penalty Net Bike Points Score-O
Raw Score-O
Score-O Penalty Net Score-O Points Team Members
1 Andy Wentzel 1 4 6 28 03:53:07 0:25:31 4 0 4 1:22:01 6 0 6 2:05:35 28 0 28
2 Harry Zulch 1 4 6 28 04:54:10 0:28:22 4 0 4 1:20:26 6 0 6 3:05:22 28 0 28
3 Trunk Monkey 2 4 6 17 04:48:50 0:45:45 4 0 4 2:13:12 6 0 6 1:49:53 17 0 17 Jill Kyle, Hollon Kinney
4 Invictus 2 4 6 12 04:56:36 1:02:10 4 0 4 2:40:38 6 0 6 1:13:48 12 0 12 Brian Thielen, Cullen Longman

Cave Buttes Bike-O Results
Saturday, April 9, 2016


The Bike-O course gave our participants the opportunity to see all of the dams, dikes, and spillways in the Cave Buttes area. We originally had 9 controls set to make a large loop of the area. However, we realized at the last minute that part of our original course crossed through sensitive desert terrain so we reduced the course to 6 total controls. Participants were not allowed to cross the dams or spillways but had a good opportunity to travel over roads and trails that are not generally open to the public. Team Vintage (Dave and Mary Jo Toledo) and Flagstaff Extreme (FLGX - Paul and Julie Kent) both took time to explore the area while finishing the Bike-O course.


Event Statistics  
Number of Bike Contols 6
Bike Distance (km) 13.6
Bike Climb (m) 250
Number of Participants 4


Name Total
Penalty Net
Category Rank Team Members
1 Team Vintage 6 0 6 1:28:00 TX 1 Dave Toledo, Mary Jo Toledo
2 FLGX 5 0 5 1:41:00 TX 2 Paul Kent, Julie Kent