Saguaro Lake Night-O
Saturday, March 10, 2018


Livelox Tracks


A cold-front ran through the area during the weekend, keeping the temperatures cool and adding a slight drizzle to the already difficult navigation at night. We had seven hard-core orienteers show up for the event. Erik Ringnes visited all controls in just under two hours. Dan Yamashiro also had a good night, visiting 10 control locations then staying to pick up 4 controls after the event (does that count for 14 total?). Debra Allen once again showed her persistence with the sport by visiting 5 of the locations. Thanks to everyone for joining us on a damp night. We enjoy every opportunity to explore the desert, even at night.


Course Setters: David Thompson
Meet Directors: David Thompson
Bag Hangers: David Thompson, Ron Birks
Water Station Setup: N/A
Equipment Hauling: David Thompson, Ron Birks
Setup/Tear-down: David Thompson, Ron Birks
Registration Table: David Thompson
Timing Table: David Thompson
Beginners Clinic: N/A
Control Retrieval: Dan Yamashiro, Lee Magnusson, Ron Birks, David Thompson
Tabulating Results: David Thompson


Course Statistics  
Total Points 300
Number of Controls 15
Straight-Line Distance (km) 5.6
Climb (m) 290
Total Participants 7
Number of Minutes 120
Penalty Per Minute 10

Night-O Results

  Category Rank  
Finish Name Total Points Penalty Final Points Num Controls Time Category M F TM TF TX Team Members
1 Erik Ringnes 300 0 300 15 01:50:27 M 1          
2 Dan Yamashiro 150 0 150 10 01:54:30 M 2          
3 Debra Allen 70 0 70 5 01:09:22 F   1        
4 Adam Bailey 60 0 60 5 01:54:10 M 3          
5 Team Willcox 50 30 20 3 02:03:00 TM     1     Ben Willcox, Paul Willcox
6 Lee Magnusson REC   0 REC 01:59:00 M