Saguaro Lake East: Night-O
Saturday, March 9, 2019


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Course Setters: Ron Birks
Meet Directors: Ron Birks
Bag Hangers: Ron Birks
Water Station Setup: N/A
Equipment Hauling: Ron Birks
Setup/Tear-down: Ron Birks
Registration Table: Ron Birks
Timing Table: Ron Birks
Beginners Clinic: N/A
Control Retrieval: Dan Yamashiro, Nathan Loesch
Tabulating Results: Ron Birks

Night-O Summary

Course Statistics  
Total Points 310
Number of Controls 15
Straight-Line Distance (km) 6.23
Climb (m) 295
Total Participants 2
Number of Minutes 120
Penalty Per Minute 10

Night-O Results

Finish Name Total Points Penalty Final Points Num Controls Time Category M F TM TF TX Team Members
1 LTN 180 0 180 11 1:55:00 TM 1 Dan Yamashiro, Nathan Loesch