Mingus Meadows: 3-hour Score-O
Saturday, June 13, 2020


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We had nine participants show up for the event, including some of the club regulars as well as first timers. The sun was shining and the temperatures were in the mid 70's - comfortable weather for orienteering. The controls managed to stay in place, despite the increasing winds. All participants discovered that the new Mingus Meadows map is one of rocky ground and occasional barbed wire fences, making it less a runner's course than a navigator's course. Despite the obstacles, Andy Wentzel did manage to clear the course with minutes to spare. Ron Birks and Eric Ringnes were not far behind, with scores greater than 900 out of 1000 points. Congratulation to them and thank you to all orienteerers for coming out and giving the new map its inaugural test run.


Course Setters: Rich Ormond, Dave Scott
Meet Directors: Rich Ormond, Dave Scott
Bag Hangers: Rich Ormond, Dave Scott
Water Station Setup: None
Equipment Hauling: Ron Birks, Rich Ormond
Setup/Tear-down: Rich Ormond, Ron Birks, Glenn Haselfeld, Erik Ringnes, Dave Scott
Registration Table: Rich Ormond
Timing Table: Rich Ormond
Beginners Clinic: None
Control Retrieval: Glenn Haselfeld, Erik Ringnes, Dave Scott, Rich Ormond, Ron Birks
Tabulating Results: Ron Birks, Rich Ormond

Score-O Summary

Course Statistics  
Total Points 1000
Number of Controls 30
Straight-Line Distance (km) 10.2
Climb (m) 352
Total Participants 9
Number of Minutes 180
Penalty Per Minute 10

2-Hour Score-O Results

Finish Name Total Points Penalty Final Points Num Controls Time Category M F TM TF TX Team Members
1 Andy Wentzel 1000 0 1000 30 2:49:55 M 1
2 Ron Birks 960 0 960 28 2:56:25 M 2
3 Eric Ringnes 910 0 910 26 2:59:11 M 3
4 Amber Tinstman 740 0 740 22 2:57:20 F 1
5 Glenn Haselfeld 590 0 590 18 2:32:08 M 4
6 Stephen Cochran 440 0 440 14 2:55:09 M 5
7 Vedat Teke 360 0 360 14 2:01:42 M 6
8 Vandelay Industries 80 0 80 6 1:13:02 TX 1 Rick Eastman, Kristen Romney