Fort Valley
2.0-Hour Score-O

Saturday, July 8, 2023


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Our Score-O event Saturday July 8 at Fort Valley, AZ is in the books. A 2-hr course consisting of 22 controls was waiting for our participants. It was a beautiful day. The ground was good for running. Higher areas were dry and soft. Washes and reentrants were soft and grassy. The entire area was closed to camping and RV’s, and thus very quiet, which made the event more pleasant.

The fastest runner was Andy Wentzel, who cleared the 800-point course in 1:07:27. Erik Ringnes cleared the course for 2nd place. Dan Yamashiro and Derek Drudge finished 3rd and 4th, with 670 and 630 points, respectively. Derek had his dog Max with him. We are not sure how much navigation help Max gave Derek, but they made a good team. The Rock Of Ages team (Jeff and Charlie Rockow) got 750 points, which was good for 3rd overall and fastest among all teams. We also were glad to see old and new friends join us in the form of four other teams. They they all did very well on the course and had a good time.

Thanks to Kevin for hauling equipment and manning teh tables. And Gary especially thanks those who picked up controls: Kevin Adams, Dan Yamashiro, Derek Drudge and Ron Birks.


Course Setters: Gary Hickey
Meet Directors: Gary Hickey
Bag Hangers: Gary Hickey
Water Station Setup: N/A
Equipment Hauling: Gary Hickey, Kevin Adams
Setup/Tear-down: Gary Hickey
Registration Table: Gary Hickey
Timing Table: Gary Hickey, Ron Birks
Beginners Clinic: N/A
Control Retrieval: Kevin Adams, Dan Yamashiro, Ron Birks, Derek Drudge
Tabulating Results: Gary Hickey, Ron Birks

Fort Valley Course Summaries

Total Points 800
Number of Controls 22
Straight-Line Distance (km) 8.3
Climb (m) 225
Total Participants 15
Number of Minutes 120
Penalty Per Minute 10

2.0-Hour Score-O

Finish Name Size Category Total Points Penalty Final Points Num Controls Time M F TM TF TX Team Members
1 Andy Wentzel 1 M 800 0 800 22 1:07:27 1
2 Erik Ringnes 1 M 800 0 800 22 1:55:30 2
3 Rock of Ages 2 TM 750 0 750 20 1:50:15 1 Charlie Rockow, Jeff Rockow
4 Dan Yamashiro 1 M 670 0 670 19 1:55:00 3
5 Victoria's Secret 1 M 630 0 630 17 1:55:42 4 Derek Drudge
6 Dobby Doos 3 TX 410 40 370 14 2:03:59 1 Jim McLain, Kylee McLain, Maria McLain
7 Engineering Architects 2 TX 350 0 350 13 1:48:00 2 T.J. Kuhn, Maggie Kuhn
8 Sisters 2 TF 320 0 320 10 1:40:15 1 Olga Baykova, Yelena Baykova
9 Wrong Parking Lot 2 TM 340 40 300 9 2:03:50 2 Daniel Amante, James Yih