Lower Salt River Orienteering

North of Mesa, AZ

Saturday and Sunday, November 10 and 11, 2018

[image:O flag] Pre-Register (Deadline: Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM)

Time Event(s) Location Directions Google Maps
Saturday, November 10
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
FREE Beginner's Clinic Lone Mountain [image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark
Saturday, November 10
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
FREE Sprints Lone Mountain [image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark
Saturday, November 10
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
2-Hour Night-O Coon Bluff
Phon D. Sutton
Mid-Mountain Trailhead
[image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark
Sunday, November 11
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
2-Hour Score-O Lone Mountain [image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark

Coon Bluff Lone Mountain


We hope you'll join us as we offer another fun weekend of orienteering in the Phoenix area. On Saturday and Sunday, November 10 and 11, we'll present three events for your navigation practice.

We start the weekend with a beginner's clinic and short "sprint" events at our new event site at Lone Mountain. The beginner's clinic starts Saturday at 2:00 PM. The sprints start at 3:30 PM.

Afterwards, we hope you'll join us 5 miles down the road for a 2-Hour Night-O at Coon Bluff. After practicing on a couple sprints, the Night-O will throw additional challenges at you. The pre-event briefing for the Night-O is Saturday at 5:30 PM. A mass start (everyone starts at the same time) is at 6:00 PM. The course closes at 8:00 PM.

Finally, we return back to Lone Mountain on Sunday for a 2-Hour Score-O. You're welcome to start the Score-O anytime from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. You'll have two hours to visit as many destinations as you can. The course closes at 1:00 PM.


In order to promote pre-registration for our events, the Club has implemented a new pricing structure. Participants who pre-register for the event will benefit from our priority pricing. While on-site registration is still available, pricing for on-site registration is more expensive. In addition, we'll print some extra maps for each of our events, but we cannot guarantee a map for those who do not pre-register.

Pre-Registration is open until Thursday, November 8 at 11:59 PM. After the pre-registration closes, you can still try your luck and register on-site. We will have pre-printed maps for everyone who pre-registers. We cannot guarantee a map for those who register on-site.

Click [image:O flag] here to pre-register.

Parental Consent:

Parental Consent Now Required (Click here for more information)

All participants under age 18 are now required to have a signed parental consent form on file with the club. You can complete the form before the event and either scan it and send it to us by e-mail or bring it with you to the event.


The beginner's clinic and sprints are free.

Standard club fees apply to the Night-O and the Score-O. Click here to open a page with more information about our club fees. The fee schedule is also repeated at the bottom of this webpage.

Start Locations

There are two start locations for the events. The distance between the two sites is ~5 miles.

Event(s) Location Directions Google Maps
Free Beginner's Clinic: Sat, 2:00 PM Lone Mountain [image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark
Free Sprints: Sat, 3:30 PM Lone Mountain [image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark
Night-O: Sat, 5:30 PM Coon Bluff - Phon D. Sutton
Mid-Mountain Parking Lot
[image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark
Score-O: Sun, 9:00 AM Lone Mountain [image:O flag] Directions [image:O flag] Placemark


Saturday, November 10
Free Beginner's Clinic and Sprints
01:30 PM Check-in/Registration for Free Beginner's Clinic
02:00 PM Beginner's Training Begins
03:30 Check-in/Registration for Free Sprints (Short Practice Courses)
Sprint Courses Open
5:00 PM Sprint Courses Close
2-Hour Night-O
05:00 PM Check-in/Registration Begins for the Night-O
05:30 PM Pre-Race Briefing, Distribute Maps
6:00 PM Night-O begins, mass start
8:00 PM Night-O course closes
Sunday, November 11
2-Hour Score-O
8:30 AM Check-in/Registration for Score-O Begins
9:00 AM 2-Hour Score-O Course Opens
11:00 AM Last time to start the Score-O
1:00 PM Score-O Course Closes


Free Beginner's Clinic

The Beginner's Training is a hands-on course teaching basic concepts used for land navigation and the sport of orienteering. Participants learn techniques to navigate using only a map and compass (No GPS!) and practice the techniques on short practice courses.

The training is open to participants of all ages and at all levels of skill and fitness. Our goal is to teach some of the basic navigation concepts that you can then use to participate in future orienteering events. If you're looking for a fun new and different way to enjoy the outdoors, please consider signing up for our class.

The free beginner's training will take place at our Lone Mountain event site. Check-in is Saturday, November 10, between 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM. The training starts at 2:00 PM.

Course Content

Students walk up to two kilometers while learning and practicing land navigation techniques used for orienteering. The field training covers compass use, interpreting topographical maps, and several methods of getting from point to point using only a map and compass.

We will provide participants with a) a topographical map of the class area, b) course materials, and c) over an hour of orienteering instruction. We know you will be so excited about what you learn that you will join us for one of our many orienteering events. (See Event Schedule)

Free Sprints

In conjunction with the free beginner's training, we will present two shorter Sprint courses at our Lone Mountain event site. The Sprints are easy to intermediate difficulty, often relying on strong “handrails” (e.g. roads, trails, and streams) to make navigation easier. The Sprints are less than 3 km long.

The Sprints are classic courses where participants visit the control points in the order shown on the map. All points must be visited to receive a valid time. The sprint courses are only open between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM. The last time to start one of the sprint courses is 4:30 PM. All competitors must be back and checked in by 5:00 PM.


Join us at Coon Bluff Saturday, November 10th for a 2-hour Night-O course. A Night-O is the same as a Score-O, but in the dark! So dress warmly and bring your headlamps, flashlights and extra batteries!

Race Headquarters will be the Phon D. Sutton Mid-Mountain Parking Lot. This is the small lot at the junction of Bush Highway and Phon D. Sutton Road. You do not need to purchase a Tonto National Forest pass to park in this lot.

We will have compasses for rent and whistles for purchase. There will be one water stop on the course. We will set plenty of controls for you to find.

Registration begins at 5 PM. At 5:30 we'll have a pre-race briefing to hand out maps and warn participants of any dangers they might encounter. At 6 PM there will be a mass start of all participants. The race will last 2 hours. The course will close at 8 PM.


In a Score-O participants try to locate as many controls as possible within the given time limit. The control locations are shown on a pre-printed map supplied to participants at the start of their course. The time limit for our Score-O event is 2 hours. Individuals of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. For beginners, we'll be sure to set plenty of easier-to-find controls close to the start/finish location. We want to give you an experience that helps improve your navigation skills. For our experienced orienteers, we'll find ways to challenge your navigation skills with more difficult destinations. Controls are worth different points based on distance from the start/finish location and the difficulty of the navigation.

The Score-O takes place at our Lone Mountain event site. Check-in/registration starts on Sunday, November 11 at 8:30 AM. The Score-O course opens at 9:00 AM. The last time to start the Score-O is 11:00 AM. The Score-O course closes and all participants must be off the course by 1:00 PM.


Camping is available for a fee at the Coon Bluff camping area. Please note that you need to pay your fee before you get to the camping area.

The event sites are located just north of Mesa, Arizona. Numerous hotels are located within a 20-minute drive of the event sites.

What to Bring:

The list below is the minimum recommended for participation in the Score-O. For more details, see the writeup for Score-O events.

  • Whistle (Mandatory for all. Available for purchase for $1)
  • Compass (Mandatory for all. Available for rent for $1)
  • Water. Water is available at the start/finish . We may also have one or two water stations on the course. However, you are strongly encouraged to bring your own water bottles or a camelback.
  • Sun screen. There is little or no shade on the course.
  • Sturdy hiking shoes and long pants are recommended. You may encounter cactus, cat claw, and loose terrain, especially on the Score-O.


Click here for directions to our event site at the Coon Bluff: Phon D. Sutton mid-mountain parking area.

Click here for directions to our event site at the Lone Mountain trailhead.