Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club
Standard Event Fees

Operating Costs

The Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club (GPHXO) organizes map and compass events in the Phoenix area. Our events provide an excellent opportunity for you to practice your skills using topographic maps designed to improve your navigation abilities. As a non-profit organization, we strive to offer our events at a reasonable price. Event fees cover the cost of creating and printing maps, obtaining permits, providing insurance, and other event-related expenses.

One of the biggest costs for the club comes from providing maps for participants. We use a pre-registration system to help us to know beforehand how many individuals plan to attend a given event. We print some extra maps to cover a small amount of on-site, day-of-event registration, but our extra maps are limited. We cannot guarantee a map for those who do not pre-register.


There is no charge to pre-register for a GPHXO event. We collect registration fees at the event. There is also no obligation to attend once you pre-register. If you're fairly sure that you'll attend an event, we'd like you to pre-register. It will help us organize ourselves for the actual planned attendance. Please note that fees increase for on-site registration, so it's best to pre-register even if you're not 100% sure you'll be able to attend. We'd like to have a map waiting for you when you come.

Event Fees

GPHXO standard event fees are shown below. We'll have a map for each individual who pre-registers for an event. Some fees may vary for special events such as longer courses, events located further away from Phoenix, events on National Park lands, etc. When non-standard fees apply, the special fees are explained on the event page.

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