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2020 Club Organization

Vice President
Volunteer Coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Beginners Clinic
Course Setters
Ron Birks
Glenn Haselfeld
Forest Brown
Gary Hickey
Glenn Haselfeld, Ron Birks
Glenn Haselfeld, Gary Hickey, Erik Ringnes
Erik Ringnes
Shane Lacanienta
Ron Birks
Varies (Rick Eastman, Erik Ringnes , Ron Birks , Forest Brown )
Kevin Adams, Derrick Beracy, Ron Birks, Forest Brown, Telia Curtis, Rick Eastman, Irene Fabig, Glenn Haselfeld, Gary Hickey, Jack Kelly, Jill Kyle, Marc Largie, Rich Ormond, Kristen Peers, Russ Pilcher, Erik Ringnes, David Thompson, Andy Wentzel, Dan Yamashiro, Matt Zeilman

Summary of Duties

President. Directs and coordinates club affairs. Presides at board meetings and general meetings. Appoints chairs of special committees.

Vice President. For all club orienteering events, coordinates preliminary logistics, obtains permits, finds course setters and meet directors; if necessary, finds other staffing for meets. Presides in President's absence.

Secretary. Keeps minutes of all business meetings; provides excerpts from minutes and updated club calendar to newsletter.

Treasurer. Keeps financial records. Makes deposits, writes checks and presents the treasurer's report at monthly meetings.

Membership Director. Maintains computerized database for club membership and meet participation records. Provides mailing labels each month to newsletter. Prepares other reports, as needed. (Needs appropriate software and computer.)

Newsletter Editor. Prepares and arranges for printing of monthly newsletter; assembles and mails newsletter 10 to 14 days before each regular meet, along with ribbons earned in previous meet. Sets publication guidelines. From meet directors/course setters, obtains necessary information about future meets and results of past competitions. Seeks other items of interest to members. (Logos and graphics currently in WordPerfect 6.0 format on IBM-compatible PC.)

Publicity Director. Prepares news releases; distributes information to appropriate media outlets. Coordinates educational services. Answers requests for information about the club.

Equipment Director. Stores, maintains, and replenishes club equipment and supplies; keeps up-to-date inventory. For each meet, provides materials to meet directors four to seven days in advance; assures timely return of materials. Notifies President of equipment needs. (Requires storage area, approximately 4 ft. x 6 ft. x 8 ft.)

Map Coordinator. Maintains map database on computer and makes it available to course setters. Identifies new areas for map development. Coordinates mapping activities for new and existing areas; develops and updates club maps. Must be computer literate, but not a "power user". Computer and archiving activities might be shared with a co-chair. Should be willing to train additional or future computer operators.

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