Hewitt Station Road

2.0-Hour Night-O

Saturday, March 9, 2024

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(Deadline: Wednesday, March 6 at 11:59 PM.)
(Note: Pre-registration is required. Onsite registration is not available.)

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[image:O flag] Hewitt Station Road Directions
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Note 1: The last part of the directions to the Hewitt Station Road event site in Google Maps and Open Street Map are incorrect. The directions describing travel on gravel roads is incorrect. Please stay on the improved gravel Forest Road 357 for 0.7 miles to the Arizona Trail Trailhead. See directions here for details.

Summary: Saturday, March 9, 2024: Hewitt Station Road (North of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum)
Time Event Location
Saturday, 6:00 PM Check-in/Registration Opens Hewitt Station Road/Arizona Trail Trailhead
Saturday, 6:45 PM Mandatory Pre-Race Briefing Hewitt Station Road/Arizona Trail Trailhead
Saturday, 7:00 PM Mass Start 2.0-Hour Night-O Hewitt Station Road/Arizona Trail Trailhead
Saturday, 9:00 PM 2.0-Hour Night-O Course Complete
Late Penalties Begin (10 Points per Minute)
Hewitt Station Road/Arizona Trail Trailhead
Saturday, 9:15 PM Night-O Course Closes
DNF for arrivals after this time.
Hewitt Station Road/Arizona Trail Trailhead

Course Statistics
Event Distance Climb Notes
Hewitt Station Road
Hewitt Station Road Night-O 7.85km 215m Find as many controls as you can in the 2-hour time limit.



  • 2.0-Hour Night-O

Please join us for the second Phoenix event of the 2024 Southwest Spring Week. On Saturday evening, March 9, the Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club presents a 2-Hour Night-O from our Hewitt Station Road event site. For those of you who will join us for events at Bomboy Mine, our Hewitt Station Road map has some overlap, but the start/finish is much closer to U.S. 60.

The terrain surrounding Hewitt Station Road is mostly rolling hills with small to medium amounts of vegetation cover. Streambeds, washes, and re-entrants have mesquite and palo verde trees you'll have to avoid. The hills surrounding the water courses are mostly open, but seeds from dry grasses are particularly obnoxious a certain times of the year. We suggest wearing gators that block all access to your socks, even using duct tape to seal the gaps. Most of the desert is runnable, but there are areas with high concentrations of prickly plants to navigate. On almost all parts of the map, terrain visibility is excellent. We will not provide water at the start/finish or on the course. We advise participants to bring their own water.

Example hillside covered with dry grass. Wear gators!

Pre-Registration and Fees

We ask for a donation of $10 for the Night-O at Hewitt Station Road. Members of the GPHXO or TSN clubs get a $5 discount. Participants who sign up for all three Phoenix Southwest Spring Week events will also get a $5 discount.

Pre-Registration is open until Wednesday, March 6 at 11:59 PM. To participate, pre-registration is mandatory. Due to permit limitations, we do not offer onsite registration. We will only print enough maps to cover those who have pre-registered.

Click [image:O flag] here to pre-register.

Parental Consent:

Parental Consent Now Required (Click here for more information)

All participants under age 18 are now required to have a signed parental consent form on file with the club. You can complete the form before the event and either scan it and send it to us by e-mail or bring it with you to the event.

What to Bring:

Whistle Mandatory for all.
Available for purchase for $1.00.
Compass Available for rent for $1.00.
Water bottles. We will not provide water on the course. We strongly encourage you to bring your own water bottles or a camelback.
Headlamp, flashlight You're navigating at night. You need a source of light. Duh.
Sturdy hiking shoes and long pants Recommended. You may encounter cactus, cat claw, and loose terrain.


There are some options for dispersed camping in the area surrounding the start/finish. In general, you're allowed to camp in areas that don't specifically mention no camping. You can find more information at Tonto National Forest websites.


[image:O flag] Hewitt Station Road Directions
[image:O flag] Google Map Placemark
[image:O flag] Safety Plan