First Water National Ranking Event
Feb 25, 2018

Glenn Haselfeld, Event Director
Forest Brown, Course Setter

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About 50 orienteers turned out for our first ever National Ranking Event. The courses proved to be challenging, especially with the technically difficult (steep and rocky) terrain to the north of the start area. Hopefully, everyone managed to enjoy their courses, or at least the magnificent weather and views of the Superstition mountains

Many thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible. It was a huge effort beginning in December to update the mapfile to provide more detail, and to prepare an event at a higher standard.

Map Updates and Field Checking

Glenn Haselfeld
Forest Brown
Gary Hickey
Dan Yamashiro
David Thompson

Event Volunteers

Glenn Haselfeld Event Director
Forest Brown Course Setter, Start lines, event setup, Control Retrieval
Gary Hickey Registration, event setup, Control Retrieval
Derrick Beracy Start lines, event setup
Brian and Irene Fabig Start lines, event setup
Andy Wentzel Start lines, Control Retrieval
Debra Allen Registration, Control Retrieval
Ron Birks event setup, Control Retrieval
Heather McLean Registration


Results by Class
Results by Course
Split times (Feb 25 First Water NRE)